The Chalmers brothers have returned in the devastating finale of the Murdery Delicious trilogy. They're a little older, perhaps wiser, and undoubtedly more terrified. As The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret unfolds, a breezy summer getaway at their newly restored ancestral home quickly becomes a crawl through the gnarled branches of the Chalmers family tree. Reality itself is questioned, even as fear takes root center stage.
The book’s adventure into the Wonderland of creativity explains why small, highly-focused groups can routinely succeed in places where larger organizations flounder. It also explains why so many overseas graduates outperform the US in math and science. The trump card, a unique form of learning called Hyperstruction, is explained in ways that parents, educators and those in business can use it to regain the vitality that once was a unique trademark of the United States. Trumping the Red Queen looks at creativity from within the Rabbit Hole to shed new light on an old subject, cast a fresh perspective, and expose a unique way to survive in today’s colossal economy without running everyone into the ground.
Education’s importance cannot be stressed enough. But what if the foundations of education have become eroded by materialism? In Authentic Educational Leadership in Schools, Dr. Ross H. Millikan exhorts teachers, school administrators, and decision makers to place importance in a values-based educational program that would develop and instill reason and integrity, intellect and morality, caring and sharing in students.
In this sci-fi thriller from author and game designer John Adrian Tomlin, Ben gets the idea to talk and interact with his comatose father through the latest video gaming console, the Imaginarium Machine. Things go wrong when a terrorist group hacks into the networks and takes gamers, including Ben, hostage. Will this be the end for Ben, or can someone else save the day?