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By Wayne A. Pearson
Cromwell, Ohio, is the setting where a millionaire is trying to take over all of women’s professional wrestling, a murder for hire is hatched and a pedophile is on the loose. Donovan Maxwell, a writer for the Chronicle, and his wife, Lieutenant Rita Maxwell, are both on the case. There is also a Massachusetts football player, Denny Sullivan, accused of being a father. He denies the accusation, but a paternity test says otherwise. How does this twist end up being a part of this story? Find out in White Shoulders.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Rachael Jesko
Micah Harlan leaves home as a teenager after almost killing his sister’s boyfriend. Alone on the streets with only a few bucks and a backpack of a few things, Micah must start a new life for himself. Only being sixteen and seeing no way to start on his own, his luck changes when he meets Walter, a shady man outside his motel room. Now after years of the life Walter presented, he wants to find a way out, if he wants to spend the rest of it with a girl he met at a party. Micah must fight to quit his addictions he’s developed over the years and learn to accept his challenges in order to defeat them. Filled with addiction, complications, love, and determination, Micah must find a way to fight his demons, past and present, in order to survive and provide a life for his new family.
FORMAT: Hardcover
By Gia Mellow
Memories of a Betrayal is an expression of fictional events in a child’s interpretation. It was written in hope to inspire others who may have endured some relatable experiences in their youth. It is my wish to let them know they are not alone, and although life may bring some heartache and disappointments, their past is only the beginning of their journey. The ending is entirely up to them. Forgiveness releases love and sets them free.
FORMAT: Softcover
By John Diamond
Australia—this astonishing story of actual police corruption will challenge everything you thought about policemen. Loaded with black money, free sex, uncontrollable deceptions, and multiple murders, Double Trouble is a graphic account of cops on the wrong side of the law. Senior Detective John Diamond was in the middle of a mafia investigation when he stumbled across information which indicated serious police corruption at high levels of the force. Instead of forgetting about it, he tried to confront it. In this hard-hitting account of life on the dark side, nothing will stand in the path of corrupt detectives concealing their misdeeds. Lies are told and lives are lost. Double Trouble details the shocking reality of today’s crooked cops.
FORMAT: Softcover
By David Heller, Ph.D.
“When Will My Heart Stop Hurting?” is a healing and inspirational book about divorce intended to help a parent recover themselves and be as responsive as possible to his or her children during and after the upheaval of divorce. Brimming with pragmatic and sagacious advice about all aspects of the divorce experience, this easy-to-read compendium will help guide the reader to a more peaceful place with regard to divorce and enhance their ability to facilitate healing and growth in their children. “When Will My Heart Stop Hurting?” addresses particularly difficult topics around marital dissolution, custody, and subsequent changes in family life. Among the subjects this thoughtful and helpful book concentrates on are the following: the nature of divorce, difficult dilemmas in divorce, what it means to work together with your ex-spouse (even when it isn’t easy), what you can do emotionally and psychologically for your child, and finding spiritual understanding in the aftermath of divorce. Here are a few sample selections: “A child ordinarily feels that his or her world is turned upside down in divorce. The heroic challenge for you as a parent is to help the world seem right side up again.” “With every loss, there is a gain and new things of value are discovered. Teach your child that this paradox is even true of divorce.” “Inspire your son or daughter to think of ‘family’ as a feeling inside of them, not merely a living situation.”
FORMAT: Softcover
By V Leigh

PRECOCIOUS is a story of resilience, spanning 5 generations, brought forward into the new millennium.

Most of the backdrop takes place in the Midwestern, microcosm of the town of "Steelton".

CC, the main character, is the embodiment of her doting parents' pride and joy.

She encompasses the cherished hopes of the mainly maternal side of her genealogical tree.

Real life nightmares turn from dusk to dawn, as distant dreams are realized by the young girl, maturing from impish tot into a noble young lady of substance.

The early demise of the young girl's mother, is only further complicated by her father's resolve to provide his motherless child with the best life has to offer; even though he has very little of his own to contribute.

In the end, it would be lovely to say, "Love conquers all", if only that were true...

FORMAT: Softcover
By Voy Ernst Althaus
“Dark Blue Down South” is a historical novel about the Germans of the Central Texas Hill Country and other Texans who chose to fight for the North in the Civil War. The Texas Germans organized several companies of infantry and started for the Mexican border expecting to sail from Mexico to the North to join a Northern Army. They were intercepted by a Texas Cavalry unit near the Rio Grande River where a fight occurred. A small number of Germans survived the battle, and the execution of prisoners that followed the battle, and crossed into Mexico. These men managed to get to New Orleans, which had just fallen to the North, and joined the United States First Texas Cavalry which was being created from Texans who had chosen to fight for the North. This novel places two young men in this situation, has them hide from the Confederate conscription, flee to the Mexican border with the German infantry, make the voyage to New Orleans, join the U.S. First Texas Cavalry and then fight with that Northern unit for the remaining three years of the Civil War
FORMAT: Softcover
By Marjorie Brame Bennett
A trilogy of Spiritual Thoughts poetry, “Spiritual Thoughts to Live By” and “Spiritual Thoughts from God” resulted from the writings.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Kathryn Kurth Scudder
"Everyday Prayers and More" was written and published in 2014. It contains simple and thoughtful prayers for many holidays, various needs and special occasions. Titles of some of the concluding chapters discuss prayer, Christian living, discipleship and faith. In the concluding chapter, Kathryn expresses her views on these and other subjects. Her goal is to offer prayers that are easy to understand and yet are meaningful.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Olfet Agrama
AT THE CROSSROAD The decisions we take at every crossroad in our lives shape our destiny. Egypt, after the Second World War, was torn between the East and West. Occupied by the British and ruled by a corrupt King, it was inevitable that by 1952 the country would be convulsed by a military revolution. We follow four young people born during the occupation and learn how their lives and loves intertwine with the political events of their country. Nadia lives a western lifestyle, but suffers the intellectual and physical repressions imposed upon her by a conservative Moslem father. Melanie, whose mother is British, enjoys the semblance of a free and emancipated life in a world that never completely accepts her. Sammy, brought up in England, is still a product of the Middle East. He succeeds in escaping from the political restrictions of the military regime, but cannot escape his macho culture. Hassan is the victim of his ideals. His belief in the revolution is shattered when he perceives the corruption of the new government and when the Egyptian Army is defeated in the Suez Canal War. Through the adventure, romance, joy, and tragedy of our four protagonists, we get a glimpse of life in the Middle East in the fifties and sixties.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Robin Renee Sanders

Dr. Robin Renee Sanders, having lived in Africa for several years, was always struck by the ancestral, socio-historical and educational aspects of certain African cultural practices, especially languages, artifacts, and sign and symbol systems from the Ovahimba in Namibia and Pygmies in Congo, to the Horom, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and Fulani of Nigeria. Her experiences on the Continent made her appreciate each and every culture and "its information systems," which in the end she called "communication expressions."

The book follows eight extraordinary Nigerian women in the December phase of their lives as they try to preserve the meanings of their endangered sign, symbol, and motif system called Uli (oo-lee). Uli is an acknowledgement of their Igbo history, culture and ancestors. Sanders agrees with others scholars who posit that non-text, non-oral forms of communication expressions such as Nigeria's Uli, and other sign and symbol systems throughout the world, particularly in Africa, are just as important or "viable" as the written word and their meanings should be respected and preserved. Endangered cultural practices, like Uli, are just as important to protect as endangered languages as a symbolic relationship exists between the two.

FORMAT: Hardcover
Les 81 jours à Saint Michel non seulement nous induit dans une prière constante et persévérante, mais garde aussi votre esprit centré sur la réalisation anticipée de vos désirs .La méthode utilisée est plutôt visuelle et émotionnelle, remplie de foi, d'espérance et d'abandon volontaire. Elle réduit l'ennemi à sa plus faible expression dans ses attaques et lui rend craintif. Vingt trois ans depuis, j’utilisais cette méthode sans même le savoir, dans les prières de libération et exorciste ainsi que dans ma vie personnelle. Une attitude, une façon de faire, une façon d’être qui nous fait côtoyer le miracle à volonté. Tous les miracles qui se font à travers le monde depuis la nuit des temps jusqu'à aujourd’hui. Pas un seul ne s’est produit sans elle. Ce livre vous apprend comment y parvenir sans trop d’effort si vous le désirez. Ce parcours à Saint Michel n’est pas un outil magique pour ceux qui doutent, mais un outil de chevet qui conduit au miracle ou à une vie de pratique de foi de tous les jours. Vous devenez ce que vous pratiquez.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Stan Hovey
Haitian Recollections and Haitian Returns is my gift to the Haitian people. The gift comes in two parts. The recollections part, is my sharing with the Haitians a piece of their history; which is relatively unknown to most people alive, today. It describes in words from my personal experience in Haiti as a boy in the early 1940s, coupled with many photos from my mother’s album how things were at that time. It was a very unique period, characterized by positive collaboration between Haiti and the United States—then it came to a tragic end! The details about this have never been clearly told nor seen before. The returns part of the book is about my going back to Haiti to teach the children reforestation—and return to where I lived 65 years ago. It is about what I have learned, saw and did that the reader should think about when hearing news of Haiti. This book reflects how Haiti and its people have returned so much to me over my entire lifetime. A specific program is presented for approaching the solution to Haiti’s reforestation challenges. It directly involves all the children in Haiti, can start now and can be sustained indefinitely. My own collection of recent pictures are used in this part to show how some things change in Haiti, but also, how many things take a very, very long time. Hope is there for Haiti and we all can assist them if we help them do what they wish and need. However, the Haitians must be actively engaged in anything others do, in order to take their country back from a devastating 500 year-long attack on their natural environment. We and they need to persist, but also, tenancy is required over a long period of time—200 to 300 years. By doing this, Haiti “returns” to all of us in immeasurable ways.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Eric Baitz
This story is about two dragon brothers who are twins, but very different. One is well mannered and loved by the community while the other gets into trouble much to the dismay of his twin. Along the way, one brother is confronted by a situation which leads to self-reflection, eventually causing him to change his ways, at least most of the time. It’s about mistakes, manners, and trying to do the right thing.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Tani Maher & Anatole Maher

In the U.S.A, the land of immigrants, “Where do you come from?” is often asked. When Tani Maher couldn’t answer questions about her father, she posed her own. With its South American twist, told with puns and witty tales, Anatole Maher’s Memoirs takes the reader on his personal voyage through life where he witnesses many of the major historical events of the 20th century.

During the high-flying, war-torn epoch of Old Shanghai, into a cocktail of languages, culture and people, Anatole Maher is born. While the British toast the Queen at the exclusive Shanghai Club, the French hold soirées at the Cércle Sportif Français, and other foreigners sashay through Shanghai’s numerous ballrooms, the Chinese are often treated like third-class citizens. The Japanese want to conquer all of Asia, but the Americans intervene until Mao’s revolution overruns China, putting a stop to everything.

In Memoirs: From Old Shanghai to the New World, Anatole Maher relates his early years in the “Pearl of the Orient,” a city where strong racial and social lines separate people, the pure bloods from the locals and mixed races, the rich and powerful from the lower, poorer classes. The youngest of seven children whose parents are of Macanese-Japanese descent, Anatole grows up in the culturally diverse International Settlement under the over-protective watch of his eldest sister. Despite the humble, lower-middle class origins of the Mahers, the family have two Amahs and a cook who live with them. Anatole attends the St. Francis Xavier College, becomes an active member of the Foreign YMCA, and graduates with First-Class honors from the Henry Lester Technical Institute. From early on, various battles and wars disrupt his life. His neighborhood in Hongkew is bombarded several times, but Anatole survives the Japanese Occupation and World War II unscathed. After WWII, he works on a Danish freighter ship to see the world. When he returns to China, the Communists are not yet in Shanghai but are winning one battle after another. Anatole finds a job and waits out the situation until the Communists finally kick him out. Japan is the closest country to take in him and his family. After a short stay in Tokyo, Anatole finds a job, but under the American Occupation all the privileges he once enjoyed in his native Shanghai vanish. In search of a better existence, he decides to join many of his Shanghai buddies who have immigrated to the country of the future, Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, he marries a Brazilian girl in 1955 and starts a family. His record of quitting jobs is no asset. When the Brazilian military dictatorship becomes increasingly oppressive, he runs into bad luck and gets fired. Under a politically repressive regime, with unstable personal finances, Anatole decides to abandon Brazil in 1967 for the Vietnam-War-fatigued United States.

He settles in Jacksonville, Florida, a city with many geographical and climatic similarities to his birthplace Shanghai. As if to compensate for changing jobs and residences so often in the past, he remains at his first job in the U.S., Maxwell House Coffee, for 20 years until his retirement and never again moves from Jacksonville. With 16 grandchildren and six great grandchildren, Anatole and his wife Nair are still enjoying their retirement in the Sunshine State.

FORMAT: Softcover