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By Alexander Rodionov & Maya Krivchenia
The goal of this book is to help people understand Russia better and to have a better experience while they are here. We wanted to write something that would help people fall in love with Russia, as much as we have, by sharing our experiences and funny stories about our life as an expat in St. Petersburg (Maya Krivchenia) and travel professional organizer (Alexander Rodionov). Russia is an exciting, interesting, and dynamic country, but sometimes the differences that people come across are extremely frustrating and confusing. Our goal is to explain some of Russia’s unique qualities so that our friends, clients, tourist, and all others can appreciate this amazing country. Hopefully this will help answer some of the many questions you already have about Russia while planning your trip. By traveling to Russia you will certainly have a unique experience and hopefully by reading this you will get to experience Russia to the fullest!
FORMAT: Softcover
By Amy Pleimling
Have you ever sat down to a plate of your favorite food and the person next to you says “Yuck! That is GROSS!”? “Don’t yuck my yum” can be your reply, “you might like it too if you try.” “Don’t Yuck My Yum!” is a book that teaches some basic healthy eating concepts to kids and parents in a fun and unique way. Children will learn that saying negative things about food can affect the food choices and eating habits of others. Throughout the book, readers will learn other valuable nutrition messages, like how important it is to try new foods and to eat foods that are many different colors. The mission of DYMY is to encourage kids and parents to learn about healthy eating together in a fun way so that habits are formed early on in life that they will carry into adulthood.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Tom Bissinger
The Fun House by Tom Bissinger is a rollicking tale of coming of age in the sixties and seventies. Based on the childhood thrills he experiences at the fun house at Playland in San Francisco, Tom comes to understand that making fun houses and exploring those of others would become the defining quest of his life. He’s brought up in privilege, and like his father who had at one time performed on Broadway, Tom’s drawn to the theater. After boarding school and his immersion into a repertory theater company while attending Stanford, he lives in Paris then enlists in the army then moves to New York, and we are at the birth of the sixties, erupting like a bombshell, and Tom is there to celebrate and be open to the Golden Age of New York theater while simultaneously weaving the momentous events of that era into his story: assassinations, civil rights marches, and the Vietnam War. Sexual experimentation and drugs follow Tom as he ricochets through love affairs, directs plays, and marches in Selma. He moves to Philadelphia in 1969 to become the artistic director of the Theatre of Living Arts. In 1970, Tom abandons the legitimate theater and reinvents himself on Philly’s South Street. Tom paints emotionally vivid portraits of neighborhood characters who hang out in Tom’s new fun house: eccentric old-timers, newly minted hippies, artists, dopers, and a murderer. In 1977, Tom, his wife, Kristen, and their two-year-old travel for nine months as nomads: they live with Samoan families, spend two months on a fifty-foot trimaran in Fiji, live at Papunya Aborigine settlement in Australia, fall into a drug smuggler’s den in Bali, and end up in an ashram in Sri Lanka before returning home as the book ends.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Paul Waring
Join George the Gay Lion on a charismatic exploration of the African plain, where he will find new friends and gain acceptance from his family.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Jon-Michael Castelli And Martial Yapo
This story was inspired by a very real and very amazing little boy, my son Soolshyne. It was written by my dear friend, Dr. Jon-Michael Castelli, and illustrate by myself ( Martial Yapo ). The doctor and I were friends before this tragedy, but Soolshyne’s passing has formed mystical and profound bond between us. While the story is fable, the magic it describes is very very real. Soolshyne passed away at the very hospital in which Jon-Michael works. The story came to Jon-Michael as he looked to the full moon the same night Soolshyne passed. He knew little of my family’s details before writing, and it seems obvious to us that the story is both a gift and a message Soolshyne wants us to share with the world.
FORMAT: Hardcover
By Veronica Fuxa
Jenna Altsman wasn’t like normal, teenage Jewish girls. Her eyes were blue and her hair was blonde. She lived in a tiny apartment with her family. One day everything changed. Soldiers forced her and her family out, and sent them to concentration camps. A doctor selected Jenna to be tested on for special experiments. She met strange children at the hospital, and befriended them. She soon realized how dangerous the experiments were after becoming very sick, and noticed how sick the other children were. She escaped the hospital with a friend, but soon found the road ahead of her treacherous. She battled the cold winter weather, and searched for a village she could be safe in. When she finally found one, a soldier discovered who she was, and sent her back to the camp. Read the remarkable story of how she struggled to understand why people hated her and tried to kill her. How she battled to survive horrible sicknesses. How she barely escaped from the concentration camp, and struggled to blend in with society. How she searched for a safe place to live where she could stay and finally be free
FORMAT: Softcover
By Sheila McCormick
I wanted neither the man´s sympathy, passion, nor esteem. I only wanted to be able to remember the voluptuous well of the ocean between my legs, the swell of salt tide buoying my breasts and none of what came after.

But there was no escaping what came after. Rosanna Flynn was pregnant by a man she hardly knew, met in a tropical paradise on the vacation trip of a lifetime.

Rosanna wants the child, wants to raise it by herself. But will her lover’s rich cousin get in her way? Mysterious Andrew. What does he want and how far will he go to get it?

FORMAT: Softcover
By Mario Toglia
PRESERVING OUR HISTORY takes a serious look into the history of the immigrants from the town of Calitri, Italy. These immigrants brought with them a strong sense of community and kinship. This helped ease their transition into America as they spread out to various locations and maintained their ties to fellow Calitrani as well as to their common values of family, faith, courage and mutual support. While gradually assimilating into their new environs, newcomers left paper trails of documents and information, some fortunately still treasured and preserved by descendents, many others stored in various archival institutes waiting to be discovered and added to known facts.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Dennis Solon
I have always had people who knew my mother tell me that “someday someone should write a book about that woman.” While I sometimes had the inclination to write her story, I never seemed to find the time. However, I was forced to have a spinal fusion and the recovery period meant months away from my golf game. I now had the time to write my mother’s story, which turned out to be my story as well. Because this would be a totally new venture for me, I was looking for help and input from many directions. Undoubtedly, Martha, my wife, was my biggest helper and supporter. I want to thank her for putting up with Jane and her bizarre ways all those years. Martha also has a degree in English, which came in very handy when editing the book. Next I would like to acknowledge our four children, Mark, Michael, John, and Shannon. They all had to deal with Jane. They reminded me of some of Jane’s eccentricities which are mentioned in this book. Most of all, I want the kids to know that I sincerely regret that Jane was not a better Grandma to them. Grandmas are wonderful people and our kids missed out on that joy in life. I appreciate the input of Rosie Browning, our friend and accomplished teacher of English, who read the first draft and made many suggestions that I welcomed and incorporated into the book. I would also like to thank Sandi Faber for her contribution and editing skills. Many thanks to Dee Domingo, our neighbor and computer guru. I could not have put this book on a flash drive without her. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge all of my friends who gave me such positive encouragement. My friend Jeanie Williamson suggested the title, and Nancy Campbell, my former secretary, shared some of her memories with me. Every story about Jane in this book is true and is written exactly as remembered by folks who dealt with her directly. To my brother-in-law Jerome Carrigan, my nephew Jay Carrigan and his wife Lisa, my niece Michele, and certainly John Nelson, I just want to say “thanks for remembering.”
FORMAT: Softcover
By Joseph Conrad
A definitive Arabic translation of Joseph Conrad's masterpiece Heart of Darkness by Hani Yared (Yarid), a Jordanian media critic, editor and producer who dabbles in literary translation. The first edition of the translation, which came out in Irbid, Jordan in 1998, has been reviewed favorably in various Arabic newspapers and literary magazines across the Arab World. Among other literary English works that Yared has translated is The Great Gatsby (2008). Yared is based in Doha, Qatar where he has been working for Al Jazeera Media Network since 2004.
FORMAT: Softcover
By GlenCantrellRaymondFernandezTonyAiello
In 1896, Andrew McNally dreamed of Country Gentleman Estates in La Mirada, California. His dream did not come to pass as he planned, but in the early 1950s the area developed and young families moved here from all over and found it really was a dream place to live and raise a family. In 2003 when Tony and a group of equally dedicated people started the La Mirada Blog, it soon became obvious that there were many others out there willing to share their varied stories. When these three got together, Tony, Glen and Raymond, they realized these fantastic memories needed to be put down in print for posterity, not out there getting lost in cyberspace. Thus, Reflections from McNally’s Mirror was born and you are holding those personal stories in your hands.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Sal Ektmi

These medical school interview question and answers were created with my own experiences in my mind. They should help you think of the types of questions and answers that could come up in your med school interviews. Interview answers are a bag of stories and thoughts that must be present at the proper times. Before getting good at using the items in your bag, you must first increase the number of items you have. These items already exist! You just have to dig them out of your memory; this book is your shovel! The following chapters consist of advice and insight about the medical school interview process and general pre-med advice.

Customer Reviews:

This book is extremely helpful! The sections about the interviews helped me feel as prepared as possible. The section about the premed process was very insightful. I wish I had read it before I got to college. I definitely recommend this book to anyone on a pre-health track!
-Roger Khouri

This book is the perfect companion for any student interested in the medical field. The author's vast knowledge and experience is evident by both the depth and sophistication of the sample questions and answers. Any student thinking of a career in medicine must read this book. Its insight is unparalleled. Sal Ektmi faciliates the daunting premed process, effectively assuaging apprehension one may feel regarding medical school interview preparation.
-Corinne Tingir

A must read for anyone interested in health school! My interview skills have increased drastically!
-Raul Leal


FORMAT: Softcover
By Robert Rangel / Steve Hui

A riveting saga of deceit, scandal, sex, greed and power…

I've traveled all over the world. I've stayed in the best hotels and eaten in the best restaurants. But that isn't me. I'm a simple man. I have simple tastes and I live in a simple house. 

But people who knew of my past life still want to know . . . what's it like? What's it like to work for the richest family on earth, the Royal Family of Brunei? 

"Well they have money and they spend it," I answer them. I tire of the subject. I know once they get a taste of the story, the questions will keep coming.

"No," they answer. "That's not what I mean. What's it like to travel with the Royal Family? What are they like?"

How can I answer that? 

What are they like? They are one of the last true monarchies here on earth. They still rule with a word and with a wave of their hand, no different than they did centuries ago. I worked for a true monarchy, which could have been taken straight out of the movie, "The King and I".

There is not enough time in a day or even a week to tell them all there is to tell.       

Yet this story is true. It is no movie nor is it a fairy tale.

I lived it. 

For a simple man like me who lives in a simple house, to become a slave of the highest order and to have lived in their world is still surreal. 

I see you interrupting me, "A slave you say. There are no longer any slaves."

I scoff at you.  I was indeed a slave. What do you call a person who has no life other than what the prince or princess gives them as their daily morsel. What do you call a man who does not sleep but maybe three hours a night waiting by the phone for orders or instructions for twelve years on end? Shall I tell those who ask that the work almost killed me several times over? Shall I tell them that I was indeed a slave who lost his wife because of years of neglecting her and who did not get to see his own children grow up?

Shall I tell them of the deceit, lies, and backstabbing which were the normal part of my everyday existence. Shall I tell them that maybe only one out of ten thousand men could have done my job because of the miracles that they expected me to perform?

No slaves indeed!

Welcome to my life.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Sam Kelley
Life in small town white America turns out to be anything but idyllic for Professor Walt Williams and wife Ruby. Walt’s preoccupation with achieving tenure in the “publish or perish” academic world alienates him from his family. If that’s not enough, his college-dropout son, who hangs out on the ski slopes, and daughter Lily, a high school honor student smitten with the white kid next door, are assuming provincial identities that threaten to derail Walt’s ambitious goal of seeing them achieve success as high-powered black professionals. “White Chocolate” is a hot issue. It is, in part, about interracial relationships and the impact of that on both the individual and their respective communities. Although other dynamics are involved in the play, the interracial issue prompted much fury and fiery honest discussion in the class [Syracuse University Workshop in Black Theatre]. Jackie Warren-Moore, columnist —The Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York “White Chocolate” is a successful political play because it makes the political personal and particular . . . Kelley’s play is also a warmhearted domestic drama. While Walt is fighting for his professional life, he is losing the affection of his teenage daughter, Lily, and his college dropout son, Victor . . . David Reilly, Contributing writer —The Syracuse Newspapers/Weekend
By Sam Kelley
The Blue Vein Society Blue Vein Society President Josh Ryder is all set to announce his engagement to a young fair-skinned beauty when his very dark-skinned wife from slavery suddenly appears searching for her long lost husband. A shocked Ryder is forced to confront his hidden past. No Hidin’ Place A southern sheriff discovers the mulatto he is protecting from the lynch mob is his own son, accused of murdering a Confederate army officer. As the mob closes in, the sheriff is forced to make a painful decision to save his son from being lynched. With amazing speed -- and superb acting -- Kelley's play shifts from light but edged irony, to pain, rage, tenderness and acceptance, underscoring the many nuances of prejudice. Neil Novelli Syracuse Post Standard This reviewer long has felt [Kelley] has a kinship with the late August Wilson. Like the Pulitzer Prize winner, Kelley revels in dealing with African-American history. Joan E. Vadaboncouer Syracuse Post Standard The Blue Vein Society . . . is most certainly about the black experience, but like all good drama, it uses that point of view to talk about the human experience. Ann L. Ryan Albuquerque Journal
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