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A returning young veteran of Vietnam returns home to a bankrupt truckstop and a father dying of cancer.  He sinks into a real depression after his father dies, and waits only for his place to be taken for taxes.  His lethergy terminates with the introduction of Hope, in a form of a biker gang which roars into the truckstop.  Gang members turn out to be ex-veterans of Vietnam, like himself, and he immediately bonds with the gang leader.  The gang leader immediately suggests a method to pay off his debts, the drug trade; the method the Gang supports themselves.  The young truckstop owner accedes.

The truckstop exerts as much seduction on the Gang, as the Gang exerts on the Owner.  The sheer life and efforts of the truckstop, with its position in the agricultural community surrounding it, causes the Gang to metamorphose.  The Owner is seduced by the charms of the Gang leader’s little sister, the gang leader’s little brother falls in love with a farm girl who is the daughter of the Owner’s father’s Best Friend.  The interplay of the Sexual Revolution, the easy money of Drug Trade, the American way of life as illustrated by the operation of the truckstop, and the tragedy of the Vietnam War with it’s effort on all; leads to the development of an incredible way of life–Criminally-based pursuit of the American way of life.  Reader be forwarned: some very graphic sexual content is present, but it is presented not for a prurient excitement, only to explain the confused nature of the late 1960s.

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Lawrance George Lux is a fifty-year-old former farmer, construction worker, economist, and historian with an M.Ed. His study of social issues has led him to conclude that evils of Government come from a combination of technical expertise, expediency, and transitory leadership, which brings forth irresponsibility and corrupt decision-making.

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