Bonding With God
Bonding With God
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         In “Bonding With God” the author short on theories, but long on practical down-to-earth-up-to-heaven common sense practical suggestions. His concept is that “God is not playing hide and seek” with us. He WANTS to be found.

        So the author first identifies just WHO God is. He tells how he found God and vividly retells experiences that have brought Him closer and closer to the Lord. This book speaks of what it means to love and to forgive like God, what to do when you reach a “dead end”

You have three sets of eyes, eyes that see things, image making eyes and eyes which see things God sees them. There is much information on such subjects as proper praying, your “secret room” and introduces the almost incredible truth that God is really desperate after us.

Only a desperate person would sacrifice His own son for others. Languages God uses to speak to us and the incredible power of praise.

We are told that mere coping is not enough. Conquerors do not simply cope, they overcome! The final and goal chapiter is intriguingly called, “PEACE OF MIND AND BONDING AT LAST!”

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Dr. Arnold Prater has been a writer evangelist for many years. The author of 27 books, he has been published by major publishers such as Zondervan, Word, Harvest House, Thomas Nelson and Abingdon Press. Of his book “Bonding With God” he says, “I really believe this is the best and most helpful book the Lord and I have written!” Before entering the ministry he was a high school football coach in Missouri and Texas for eight years. He received his education at George Washington University and Truman University. In 1968 an honorary doctorate was bestowed upon him by Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky. Serving on a bomber he was shot down and interned for several months. As a result of all this he had a vital experience with God. After serving five pastorates he became a traveling evangelist for several years and was the inspirational speaker at many conferences, retreats and seminars across the nation At present he and his wife, who he fondly refers to as “Miss Martha” presently reside in Lantana, Florida. Where he conducts evening evangelistic services sat Good Shepherd Church, one of the fastest growing churches in South Florida

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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