The Dance
The Dance
An inspirational romance
Perfect Bound Softcover
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reviewed by Carole Nomarhas for Sharpwriter

Tamara has a good life, perhaps even a great life. She has a job doing what  she loves: working with horses. She has good friends, a good boss, her faith, a life perhaps to be envied, but for Tamara it lacks one very essential element: someone special to share it with.  When he arrives on the  scene champion rider Blake Jefferson doesn't seem a likely candidate to be  Tamara's life mate.  He's rude, arrogant and pushy.  But first impressions                can be misleading and it doesn't take long for Tamara to find that there is indeed an attraction there, unlikely as it might seem at first.  Just as she can't get Blake out of her mind, she can't get him out of her life either.

Wilson provides not only a lushly detailed background and engaging sub-plots, but she has a standout talent for characterization.  Her characters are not cardboard cutouts by any means, they are warm and human and likeable. She creates people you want to get to know better.  The Dance is great summer reading, romantic and sweet, with a down to earth heroine who is very appealing.  Find yourself a comfortable chair and curl up with this book.  


Come to the beaches of Malibu, where innocence meets cynicism, and the two collide with a whole lot of horsepower!

Tamara - is not only a talented horse trainer, but she is a "horse whisperer" as well: a person who has a special way with troubled animals. Tam has never been married, never been intimate with a man. She is sweet, innocent, and trusting… will her heart be broken?

Blake - is a world-renown show rider, who jumps his horses at the Grand Prix level. He lost his wife in a plane crash, and has blamed God ever since. He tells people he doesn't even believe in God but if that were true, he wouldn't still be feeling so much pain and resentment. Blake is bitter and hard… can Tamara touch his heart?

Rock - is Blake's fiery stallion whose aching soul must be healed. The stable depends on Rock's win… but can Tamara turn him around before the big Grand Prix competition?

An entertaining mix of humor, tragedy, and romance, this edge-of-your-page story will put you right into spills and thrills of the wonderful world of horses, love and redemption.

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Staci Layne Wilson is an eclectic author whose books vary from frightening fiction (Horrors of the Holy) to horse training manuals (The Horse’s Choice). Her short stories and articles have appeared in books (Seductions; Horses & Their Women; Nasty Snips; and more) and magazines (Cat Fancy; L.A. Parent; ShadowFeast; and more). Her book and movie reviews have appeared in Horror-Wood, Cinescape, Animal People, Word of Mouth Reviews, Midnight Scribe, and Sharpwriter. The Dance is her first romance novel.

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