Mind Grenades
Mind Grenades
Ideas and Opinions about Now
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Mind Grenades” is heavy on Liberal opinion and light on the divisive grievances which blind much of the public, the voters, to the commonality of purpose of the equitable, and thus more stable, society.

It deals with privilege, taxation, abortion, affirmative opportunity and, mostly, with how Americans come to feel about themselves, feel “not enough” to be humanist practicing democrats, through the failings of their earliest nurturance, as day-old and week-old infants.

It offers opinions you are not likely to have heard before.

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Henry Stern is (or was) a lucky man, but not so lucky, at 70, as to reasonably expect to live much longer. The drinking was bad enough but, apparently, not so bad as the smoking. But no matter. He has made all the stops. You can’t fear oblivion. What he thinks he offers to the reader are ideas and opinions they will not, sadly, find elsewhere. The reader will decide whether the effort of offering those insights -- and the manner of their offering -- create a nexus for his/her own thought, different than it may have been before that reading. There’s little -- maybe no -- name-dropping or authority-quoting to be found in “Mind Grenades.” I take full responsibility for every thought, every word. I would only hope that some of you find here the starting point for efforts toward a more equitable, more stable, more humane, society. I would wish you to learn how to make future generations more capable of joining you in that task. My job was to show you how to do it -- and to elucidate how past generations had not. Privilege and Power are not usually the source of benign change.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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