Where There's A Will/The Case of Jennie Brice/The After House
Where There's A Will/The Case of Jennie Brice/The After House
The Essential Rinehart Collection #3
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Essential Rinehart Collection continues with Volume 3 of Mary Roberts Rinehart’s funny and fast-paced novels.  Her fans are in for a triple treat in this mystery collection.   Three of her novels, all set in the early 1900’s, are collected here for the first time.  Each story features a cast of memorable characters, mysterious happenings and leads up to an astonishing conclusion!

These well-written novels, which combine mystery and adventure, demonstrate Rinehart's tremendously vivid powers as a storyteller.  These mysteries will leave you eager to read the other volumes in this series.

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Mary Roberts Rinehart is a well-known mystery and romance writer. Her memorable tales often combine adventure, love, ingenuity, and humor in a style that is distinctly her own. She creates fast-paced, entertaining, and above all, surprising novels. Most of her fiction eventually erupts into the most startling plot twists imaginable. To this Mary adds a strong dose of realism in the depiction of modern life, with many different classes, corruption high and low, and a great diversity of characters. Mary’s stories have appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, and she is also a published playwright. The Essential Rinehart Collection brings together for the first time the best works of Mary Roberts Rinehart. This multi-volume series features her most interesting novels of mystery, romance, and adventure.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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