Journey Into Dandelion Wine Country
Journey Into Dandelion Wine Country
And Other Different Stories
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Journey Into Dandelion Wine Country And Other Different Stories is a short fiction collection consisting of the title fantasy novella and six science fiction or fantasy short stories.  Included in this collection are:

Journey Into Dandelion Wine Country

An early 21st century homage to Ray Bradbury's mid-20th century fantasy classic.  Proverbial Everyman Guy MacKenzie travels from New England to the Mid-Western heartland in this fantasy tale of the consequences of memory and possibilities of human redemption.

The Bulgarian Poetess Takes A Green Card

A tale of love and literati, ancient movies and futuristic greeting cards, all set in a dynamic, slowly drowning late twenty-first century Boston.

We Got The Funk!

An off-beat story of the unexpected consequences when separate time periods blend together into one unusual reality of Philadelphia.

Empty Houses

A story of 21st century families coping with a Grapes Of Wraith-like existence in the decaying subdivisions of Southern California, as seen through the eyes of a young boy.

Flagship Of The Gods

A short, poetic warning tale of the consequences of pursuing too far ancient archaeologies, myths and forgotten visitors.

Thin Ice

If you thought that the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan olympic skating mess was an episode of alien weirdness, then check-out this story!

Ritchie Feels All Right

A touching chronicle of a very familiar rock star of our time, coping and coming to terms with the memory of what-might-have-been as examined from the quiet corner of an alternate reality.

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Alan Ira Gordon is a city planner living in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the author of numerous science fiction and fantasy short stories and is an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. His science fiction short story The Bulgarian Poetess Takes A Green Card is included in this collection and received an Honorable Mentions listing in the eighth annual The Year's Best Science Fiction anthology (Gardner Dozois, Ed., St. Martin's Press).

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