Awake in the Dream
Awake in the Dream
Perfect Bound Softcover
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We have been “had”.  For a long time people have tried to convince us that reality is defined by our five senses.  We bought in to that description of the world, but somewhere, deep within, we knew there was more.

Awake in the Dream reminds us of the rich world that exists beyond those limited descriptions of reality.  We can feel the currents of those truths rippling through our awareness.  

Our soul is searching for openings that will take us home.  We are drawn to experiences that expand our consciousness.  We read books, watch movies, and travel so that we can experience the richness of multiple realities.  A guy named Disney understood our deep yearnings, and created lands for us to explore.

Awake in the Dream is the adventure of self-discovery.

The journey to be all that we are begins with our soul’s awakening.

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Right in the middle of a marriage and family, right inside my life as a high school teacher, I stepped into the mysterious world of tantric mysticism. Magical experiences of bliss, power, love and happiness painted my daily landscape. Nighttime dreams became the most amazing adventures into the mystery school and the secret teachings. I have been teaching meditation classes at Dharma Center in San Diego since 1998, and I decided to write a book for you. No more excuses, it is time to remember who you are! Missing pieces are scattered by the winds of illusion, and as you learn to quiet your mind through the ancient art of meditation, you will discover a magical world filled with the most amazing adventures. It is your world, and it has never been far away. Welcome Home! Samadhi

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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