Bloodfellow - Book One
Bloodfellow - Book One
Book 1 - Separation
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Bloodfellow (Book 1 -- Separation) is the first part of two book epic Vampire story set in contemporary times.  My goal was to investigate a new approach to the classic legend, and to deviate from the traditional focus in Vampire literature, which is often limited to hunting, feeding and terrifying.  Rather than ask: "WHO are the Vampire?" I wanted to develop the theme and explore a possible scientific explanation: "WHAT are the Vampire?"  This question has been asked and answered in fresh and novel ways. Still -- I wanted to pursue the matter forth.  What happens to an immortal mind after centuries of thought?  Is it enough to suggest that the Vampire convert their victims into the fold by blood and magic alone?  And what of the established Dhampire myth, the child of a human/vampire alliance?  

I'm keen to examine and illuminate the especial climate and potential which occurs when two quite disparate domains intersect. In Bloodfellow, the boundaries blur and blend, then blur again, between the immortals and their ephemeral food source. What new entity forms when the two dominions fuse at last?

Bloodfellow is about passion, the fragile line between individuality and selfishness, between devotion and subservience.  It is about fusion, about the necessary destruction which must occur before true creation, about a Vampire's deconstructing mind and the Transformation he must achieve in order to survive.  About a vow to Separate, and the courage to remain a Singular force.  Bloodfellow is about immortal power and the less impressive powers left to mankind. About the web of connection which can create the most awesome power of all.

Preview coming soon.

Abraham R. Nox, long a devotee of the Vampire, was first influenced by the elegant classic "The Delicate Dependency" by Michael Talbot.  Writing under this pseudonym, thne author lives in Baltimore, Maryland.


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