When Your Parent Has Alzheimer's
When Your Parent Has Alzheimer's
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This is the book you’ll need to help you through your journey if your parent has Alzheimer’s. Forget the usual doom-and-gloom approach of most books on this disease. This is an upbeat, encouraging and lively approach to getting through the hard task of caring for a parent with dementia. Frena Gray-Davidson knows what’s she’s talking about.

Hers is an innovative and fresh approach, founded on 15 years of working hands-on with people with Alzheimer’s and helping their family members. Described as “truly inspirational” by the British Alzheimer’s Disease Society and as “the ultimate been there, done that Alzheimer’s caregiver” by the Alzheimer’s Association of the Willamette Valley, Frena Gray-Davidson will inspire and transform your task of caregiving too.

Packed with practical tips, spiritual guidance and plenty of  hope, this book will truly be your best companion on this journey. From planning to daily problem-solving, from finding help to getting information, it’s all here in an easy relaxed informative style. If you’re starting on the Alzheimer’s journey with your parent, don’t leave without this book.

It will make all the difference.

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Frena Gray-Davidson is a British-born writer living in the US. A journalist in Asia for 15 years, she is the author of 15 books of fiction and non-fiction. She studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, as well as Tai Chi. In 1996, she was nominated for a Pushcart Award for fiction. For the past 15 years, she has been an Alzheimer’s caregiver in a wide variety of settings, from home to long-term care facilities, from respite day care programs to a small Alzheimer’s home in Oregon. She is an internationally recognised Alzheimer educator with two previously published books on Alzheimer’s, “The Alzheimer’s Sourcebook” published by Lowell House and in its 3rd edition, and “Alzheimer’s Disease FAQ”, published by Lowell House and in its 2nd edition.

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