The Wings
The Wings
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The wings are something that anyone can have. Mica likes playing the guitar in the woods. The guitar helps her soar to dizzy heights. Unquestionably, Mica is intrinsically happy. However, she loses her wings. She in despair goes out of the woods for the first time and loses to Fender, the tortoise, in the running race. Then she becomes aware of the importance of losing.
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I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Since childhood, I have been constantly moving from one house to another. As a result I don’t like the mental as well as physical stability. I continued to move. I continued to be changed. So I produce myself here, lest I should become stable. I majored in German idealistic philosophy and got my master’s degree in philosophy at the University of Gakushuin in Japan. In those days, if I thought about something, I would simultaneously create music and pictures. They were one and the same thing and the means of expressing myself. That is to say, I have been expressing my world by playing the piano and the guitar, drawing pictures, and writing poems for a long time. The main character of my picture book likes playing the guitar. It is her wings. When she plays the guitar, she is really delighted. However, everyone cannot remain happy. I also lost my wings at one time. I came here to retrieve my wings. She is just a reflection of me. I would like to flap about fully to my heart’s content in New Zealand.

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