With Head, Heart and Hands, Make a Medical Professional
With Head, Heart and Hands, Make a Medical Professional
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This book represents more than four years of collaboration through fieldwork, generation of ideas, shared writing, and mutual critique. Its product is thus ‘a massive effort' as Prof. Richard Cruess and Prof. Sylvia Cruess, the authors of Teaching Medical Professionalism, had pointed out, and for this I owe them so much. The team, however, had much by way of assistance, and I am gratefully acknowledging the many people who have contributed to the book. First among them are the students, residents, faculty members, and Prof. J. M. Muscat-Baron (the clinical dean of Dubai Medical College). I have profited a great deal from their comments and questions, and this has shaped the book in all sorts of ways.
Abdul Jabbar Mehdi Salih was born in Iraq on 1941. He obtained his MB ChB on 1966 from Baghdad University (Medical College), trained in surgery in Iraq and the United Kingdom, he is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons Edinburgh and London, and he obtained MA in Medical Ethics and Law from the University of Keele (UK). He practiced and taught surgery in Iraq, United Kingdom and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). For the last forty years, he wrote more than fifty research papers and a few books, some of which form the basis of this book. He is a professor of Surgery and the head of the Academic Department of Surgery in the Dubai Medical College (Dubai) for the last twenty five years. He enjoys teaching Surgery for the undergraduate and postgraduate students and also enjoys playing golf. He lives in Dubai.

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