My Mother
My Mother
My Inspiration
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Mothers, especially those endowed with womanhood, will ever remain precious, influential and inspirational. In this novel, the author explores the life of a particular woman from teenage ages up to the time she has turned 83 on how her life history has inspires the author and other people around. Lindokuhle (wait for good things) struggles in life through thick and thin to better her life, that of her biological family and that of people around her. She fends for her children and commands respect for a husband who returns love for hatred; respect for disrespect for years. Lindokuhle is depicted here as the modern proverbs 31 woman. She finally wins her husband’s love proving to the world that love can turn a stony heart into jelly.
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Mbono Vision Dube nee Ndlovu is currently a lecturer of languages and linguistics at Zambian Open University. She comes from a rich background of story tellers and enjoyed particularly stories narrated by her great grandmother and grandmother. She is married to Professor Obed Dube and together they have three children: Thenjiwe, Thando and Thandani. She has written two novels so far: Bittersweet: confessions, forgiveness and love; Dear Mum and Dad: Memoirs of an Emotionally Torn Woman; She enjoys reading and writing.

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