An Empath
An Empath
The Highly Sensitive Person's Guide To Energy, Emotions & Relationships
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Empaths attract various types of relationships with those who either deny and repress how they feel or with those who are tormented by their emotions. The reason we are drawn towards them is because we naturally want to eradicate any form of suffering and pain. Unfortunately, we can be quite naive and forget that not everyone in the world perceives things as we see them. This leaves us vulnerable and subjected to overwhelming and debilitating emotions. We not only feel and experience our own condition, we also absorb the energy from everything and everyone around us too. Before we can fully understand ourselves or those we become intricately entangled with, we first have to learn how energy operates so that we can acknowledge, identify, discern, process and ultimately transmute all entities so that any negativity in our surrounds, or within ourselves, instantly transcends to positive. Until we do this we will experience other people's pain simultaneously, so whenever someone around is struggling emotionally, physically or pschologically we are gravitationally pulled down too and we then struggle with them. Learning how to identify our own energy from all that exists around us allows us to find balance and harmony in what can seem at times like a raw and extremely harsh world. Our energetic skin is paper-thin and we are highly sensitive creatures and this means that being an empath can be an incredibly tormenting or an exquisitely beautiful way to experience life. It is simply a double-edged sword. Our sensitivities can help, however, they can also hinder us. That is until we figure out how to manage our gifts so that they elevate and construct us rather than causing a continuous pattern of internal or external devastation and deconstruction.
Empaths are highly sensitive to the energy that emanates from everything that exists in the universe. We both voluntarily and involuntarily tap into other people's experiences and objectively perceive and interact with them as though they are our own. When we acknowledge and accept that we are conduits of energy we can then channel all energies so that they fluidly flows through us. We are then able to intuitively and intelligently decode the information within the energy, which allows us to identify, process, transmute and ultimately transform harmful energies. This allows us to naturally and effectively heal our selves and others, regardless of proximity. When we enhance our abilities and easily understand how energy works we are able to naturally pick up on past, present and future intentions, motivations, thoughts, emotions and feelings. Empaths have exceptionally high sensory levels and we are always on energy alert so we are acutely aware of the energy that vibrates within and around us. Humans, along with everything that exists, are constantly vibrating and our vibrations have their own unique signature. Our intuition and inner knowing, also known as a sixth sense, allow us to easily recognize and decode these energetic signatures. If we are not aware of our abilities or do not understand how to utilize them, we may lose sight of who we are and the connection to our inner self and suffer incredibly for it. We feel the world around us at such high intensity that we can become immersed in the chaos not knowing which energy belongs to us, and which belongs to others. When we are highly in tune with our self and skilled at reading others we will often be able to pick up on someone else's thought processes even if they are thousands of miles away. Empaths can quite accurately determine other people's emotional, psychological and physiological states simply by tuning in to and exploring the existing energy. If we are not aware that this is possible, or if we are caught unaware, we will absorb other people's energy unconsciously and internalize it. This can cause us high levels of confusion, anxiety, stress, bewilderment, chaos and suffering not only during, but often long after the particular transfer has taken place. Distinguishing between our own energy and the energy that has been transferred from someone else can be a struggle. Therefore, there is a risk that we may accept incoming emotions, psychological and physiological traumas and identify them as though they are our own. This is one of the reasons we can easily become perplexed with our identity and why we often feel as though we are a contradiction, and we may even believe we might be bi-polar. Not only are we dealing with all of our own emotions, and experiences, we are also battling to comprehend and deal with everyone else's too. A lot of empaths do not find out that they identify as an empath until later on in life. Part of the reason for this can be due to our abilities being unexplored. We may have been considered as strange, delusional or even impossible to understand by our peers, family or close friends. From early childhood, many of us were wrongly conditioned to believe that the invisible world does not exist. Instead, we were taught to place high value on the logical mind and on what is tangible. Due to the majority of our world being invisible to the untrained or doubtful naked eye, others can struggle to understand how our experiences and abilities are a possibility. We may have been told that only what takes places in the physical world is a reality. Fortunately, science can now prove that is not the case. Therefore, more people are finding the confidence to come forward and speak out about the natural abilities they have known about from a very young age. These advances have resulted in what have often been classed as empath "superpowers" becoming more widely accepted by society. Many people believe that physical presence and material matters are highly valued entities and that the invisible, energetic world is not to be trusted or invested in. Ironically, it is the attachment to material goods that prevents us from achieving inner peace and significant self-growth, even though plenty of people spend the majority of their lives focused on accumulating. What truly matters to the soul is internal, not external.
Alex is a qualified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Teacher of Tibetan Meditation and Spiritual Coach along with many other practices that work with the flow of universal life force energy in order to harmonise the mind, body and soul. She is also an empath and is very aware of the powerful affect that energy has on all aspects of our existence, especially our relationships. Alex believes empaths are here on Earth for a divine purpose and that is to learn how to effectively radiate healing energy so that immense much-needed change can occur. However, she also believes that before we are able to heal others, it is vital that we first heal ourselves.

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