The Woman in the Distance
The Woman in the Distance
Reflections of Unsettled Seasons
Casebound Hardcover
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Sophie Mill has a natural ability to be profoundly insightful with her thoughts, ideas and creative story telling. This emotive piece of writing starts with early love stories, and then it un-ravels to reveal something quite extraordinary. ‘The Woman in the Distance’ is a classical true story that every woman will fi nd inspiring. Not everyone has experienced happiness, but every woman has experienced heartache. This creative international contemporary artist evokes a wide range of emotions with her art works as well as her powerful use of the word. This incredible story walks the reader easefully through disappointments, tragedies, hardships and it brings light to mental illness through artful story telling. This must read memoire is for those who have experienced anorexia, alcohol abuse, isolation, deep love, mental illness, loss and heartbreak. This story is not about defeatism, it is a delightful adventure into passion and creativity. Sophie Mill is hilarious with her quick wit, and emotional with her despair. Set in the Australian outback, this bright and bubbly city girl soon fi nds out that the land is ruthlessly isolating, but this author creates a picture of brilliance.
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Sophie Mill has led a productive, passionate and creative life with solo exhibitions in Australia, Italy and the USA. Sophie has two children and has been married for sixteen years. She now lives in Newcastle, Australia working as a full time contemporary artist and writer, and escorts painting and writing group tours to Manhattan, New York.

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