The Clueless Dead
The Clueless Dead
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The Clueless Dead is written as a vampire story from the perspective of a newly made Vampire. Michael is an ordinary guy, a rock journalist and professional musician (but not a rockstar). He is transformed into a vampire as a result of a series of unlucky accidents.

He then must deal with the consequences of having vampire powers whilst to all around him he is still the same Guy. He has to find a way to hide his new state as well as the temptations involved in possessing the ability to mentally manipulate people. In addition he faces the moral quandary of being a vampire and remaining a decent human being. All this without a vampire mentor.

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Keith Greenwood was born in 1985. He has a bachelor’s degree in creative arts (creative writing) and also a bachelor’s degree in arts history from Wollongong University. The first novel he ever read was the Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. He reads multiple genres of fiction.

Keith has written short stories and plays and performed with local theatre groups. He began writing The Clueless Dead in 2010 to explore aspects of vampirism he felt had been ignored or not looked at from different perspectives. He suspects that he might go crazy if he didn’t spend so much time writing.

What a book! The perspective of a Vampire struggling to cope with his change in circumstances, loss of his former existence, dealing with not being trusted and handling power is quite compelling. This is a page turner with the writer having an easy reading style which gets you in and the twists and turns keep you interested. Well worth a read.
Dr Jeanette Keir 
This is a truly Australian take on the Vampire story. It follows the story of a guy from the Inner West of Sydney coming to terms, or not, with his fate. First time I have ever read a book that made me see smell and hear my own home town like it really is. On top of that, this vampire is having a good time indulging in ruthless violence while still retaining at least some of his humanity and and his very human sense of humour and of course there is a girl. Good vampire tale with a twist.
Lucinda Clutterbuck 

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