The Boy in a Plaster Cast
The Boy in a Plaster Cast
A Story of a Childhood Experience
Perfect Bound Softcover
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At the end of World War 2, the German people suffered another major catastrophe in terms of economic disaster which befell them. This story tells of the damage done to one particular family both during and after the war. In particular, it focuses on a four-year-old boy who had the misfortune to contract tuberculosis in his hip joint, which caused him to be incarcerated in a hospital which was run by nursing staff who had very little sympathy for the children in their charge. The subsequent marriage of his widowed mother to a British soldier had a considerable impact on the quality of his life!
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Peter Saunders, formerly known as Peter Heiz, was born in Germany in December 1940. His experiences as a child brought up in post-war Germany encouraged him to write this book. Peter first came to England when he was ten years old. He passed his eleven plus examination before returning to Germany as a result of his stepfather (George Saunders) being posted to the REME unit near Herford. He then attended a military boarding school in Wilhelmshaven. The family returned to England when Peter was fifteen years old. He continued his education at Huish’s Grammar School in Taunton. He studied pharmacy at Plymouth and was employed by a major pharmaceutical company for thirty-two years before setting up a nursing home company. He was an elected district councillor for twelve years and a local parish councillor for eighteen years.

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