Accidentally Poetic
Accidentally Poetic
My Life in Ryhme
Perfect Bound Softcover
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ACCIDENTALLY POETIC is a collection of poems written from my everyday life. I called it accidentally poetic, because I kind of accidentally became a poet. My work is quite “Aussie” and I write like I talk. That is what makes my work fun to read and listen to. There are many that end with a nice little twist that I bet you never seen coming...
ALONG THE ROAD…………………………. I have a tale that Ive never told, cause anyone would think im mad. I nearly told my mother once, no way Id tell my dad. So I thought to myself okay, to get this off my chest. Id send it in a little poem, to the poet’s they know best. It was a cold and eerie day, as I saddled up my horse. Thought my face was gonna freeze, as we set out on our course. Headed up Mt Keira road, I tapped him with my toes. Well baulked he did all frightened, as I spotted in front a nose. Whoa boy I dismounted and looked, and kicked this nose in distaste. It flipped right over stared at me, said man im off my face. Think I was in a bit of shock, as I clambered back on board. Along the road we travelled on, past a farmer and his hoard. Up ahead I spotted a dog, he watched us ride right by. “Good morning there “he said to us, “Its awfullly cold “ oh my. I felt like I was going to faint, eventually I did I wont lie, Didn’t know dogs could talk I said, and the horse said neither did I. ©Melinda Farrar-Wilkinson
Born 1979, raised in Wollongong. From early on it was evident that I was fiercely independent, and I done things “my” way. At mum’s one day and I thought I would write a funny some sort of poem about mum and her partner. Not even 5 minutes later I had produced something that had us all crying, it was actually good! From then someone would throw a topic at me and 5-10 minutes later, you had a poem. Poetry just flows from me once I start. I joined the Illawarra breakfast poets in Wollongong, and being told the weekly topic “Seven things’” I nervously turned up and walked away with the weekly award for best poem. The Illawarra breakfast poets was a great start and mum and her partner have been my biggest encouragement.
A unique breath of fresh air in the world of poetry by a very talented lady. Melinda weaves the language of Oz into a magical tapestry that is extremely entertaining and enjoyable. Hopefully there is more to come?
Graham Cotter  

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