Rebel Heart
Rebel Heart
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The Rebel Heart is a historical romance set in Scotland after Prince Charles’s defeat by the Duke of Cumberland at Culloden. In the aftermath of the battle, Cumberland gave the order to his redcoats to hunt down the remnants of the rebels and of any supporters of their cause. Minnette Telfer was a high-spirited young woman, beautiful and adventurous, and bored. Despite countless warnings from her rich father about the dangers of this time, Minnette stumbles foolishly along a path that would set in motion a train of events that would put her father and family in danger. Banished to her uncle’s in France, a suitable husband and marriage contract was to be found. But Minnette had already fallen in love, not with the capricious count who had become frighteningly besotted with her, but with a rebel.
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Born in Scotland in the 1930s, I migrated to Australia with my young family in 1962. My early years in Australia included being mother for several years with a well-known institution that cared for Aboriginal children. Being head chef in a commercial kitchen was followed by running a private catering company for a few years. During this time, I found little time for leisure activities, but when the opportunity arose, I enjoyed painting, pottery, and in particular, writing—winning a number of awards and accolades, including publications of poems and short stories, and the production of several plays. Working as the volunteer in charge of a charity shop, my life became hectic for the next twenty years. Having retired in December 2010, my focus has now returned to my pet interest: writing.

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