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This story unfolds on campus during an autumn university sojourn. An interesting array of characters unveil the barricades that need dismantling when students face a culture clash, specifically socio-religious-cultural barriers encountered by Muslim and non-Muslim communities. An in-house dormitory assault results in Muslims becoming the prime suspects. This contemporary and evocative piece of writing is based on true characters and a real-life experience undergone at a country university in Australia.
Avia is my nom de plume. During extensive travel in Australia, Fiji, Philippines, Vanuatu, Hong Kong, Europe, UK, Canada, and America during the late 1980s and 1990s, I enjoyed many exciting, memorable experiences. Despite obstacles faced at university, I managed to graduate in March 2007 with an international economy major. Interested in music, art, and writing, I studied writing with a journalist at night school.
This short yet compelling novella is a fine start to a writing career by the multi-talented Avia, with whom I am personally acquainted. Avia is a unique and special person whose individuality comes out in the pages of Barricades, combining her highly intellectual side with the vulnerable and frightened part in all of us. In honest and direct story-telling, Avia shares with the reader her experience in an Australian university not long after 9/11, when the sight of Indians and similar foreign students with Muslim backgrounds struck either fear or even outright hatred in many white Australians and Europeans. Without going into too much detail or rambling narrative, Avia cuts to the chase with the account of an assault while drugged by drink spiking at a party, and the consequent distrust, fear and emotional turmoil. While short enough to read in one sitting, the essence of the story lingers in the mind because it is an experience repeated all too often in similar situations around the world. I will be looking forward to Avia's next published works.
a compelling novella revealing the innocence lost and highlighting the naivety that many uni students face while staying on campus with a group of total strangers ,based on a factual account,would have liked it to be a longer story but then it is a novella,a compelling read discussing an important and relevant topic for our time.remarkable work for a new author well done
A really interesting story, I couldn't put it down. A "who done it", fast paced and a look at what goes on today in Australian universities. Kayla
barricades explores life in a university campus,the hidden dangers of total strangers of ethnic and moral backgrounds living together with toally different moral values in a group is based on actual events and discusses the lost innocence experienced by its author.the author addresses the honest naivety with which they arrive at university and the harrowing events which follow,highly reccomended,an interesting read but would have preferred a longer read rather than a novella

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