A Gun and Cherries in the Bucket of Blood
A Gun and Cherries in the Bucket of Blood
The Americanization of an Italian Family and Lessons Learned
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Italian immigrants of the early 20th century experienced an inevitable, and often emotionally painful, cultural transformation after arriving in America. Worlds turned upside down. Lives changed forever.

Greg Casadei captures what that process was like in this touching tale about his family's "Americanization." He also provides insights and lessons that his experiences provided along the way.

The Americanization of Greg's family began with his grandparents in Sassofeltrio, Italy in the early 1900s. It ended with the January 2010 passing of his father in Tucson, Arizona.

In between lies a rich story of fear and faith, hardships and overcoming, respect and toughness, risk taking and rewards, family and friends, love and togetherness, separation and crumbled foundations, death and despair, and the gradual unraveling of a once tight-knit family.

Through historical facts, anecdotes and humor, Greg provides a vivid picture of what it was like growing up in an Italian family in America.

You'll laugh, cry and want more as Greg recounts stories about colorful family members and their lives in Sassofeltrio, Oakwood, Michigan, and Tucson, Arizona.

After turning the last page, you'll understand why the Americanization of Greg's family was so painful, but why he wouldn't have traded the experience for anything.

Greg Casadei spent over five years researching and writing this book. His extensive study provided clarity on how immigrants Americanize over time, and how the process can have an adverse impact on family strength and unity. Following his father's family, Greg uses personal stories to demonstrate how his once strong Italian family crumbled through the Americanization process. He relives some of the agony that accompanied the process and what he did to finally gain acceptance. Greg Casadei is a retired insurance executive. He resides with his wife in Surprise, Arizona. He has two children and four grandchildren, each of whom provided inspiration for this book. Although many of Greg's professional writings have appeared in various publications, this is his first book.
I could hear Greg telling these stories! I really enjoyed reading the book and wish we had grown up with a family as close as this family. Tears and laughter, sadness and joy. A great read and a great book!
Marie Fluke  
Loved your book. Made me laugh, cry and remember my own family. If you are Italian, please read this book.
Nancy Honomichl  
Well written family biography detailing the transition of emigration to Americanization. This was like reading a basic synopsis of my own Italian family's transition. Thanks Greg for the trip through 4 generations of your family's Americanization process
Don Tozzi 
The author has a unique style of writing that I found to be both an easy and terrifically entertaining read. This book makes you want to laugh and cry with the author. Although the subject matter is most personal to the author, anyone can relate and enjoy the story. I highly recommend this book and look forward to Casadei's next book.

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