Poetic Praise
Poetic Praise
Showing Forth His Praises
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book comprises inspired songs, poetry and stories about my life and the lives of others that God has miraculously changed. The majority of the stories are about events that have happened to me. Inspired words to songs were given to me during times of trials, struggles, during prayer and worship. Sometimes I would hear a message preached and I’d hear the words to a song or a poem about it in my heart. With many of the words to songs I would hear music along with it. May the words of the songs, poetry and stories bless your life as much as they have blessed me. Life is full of challenges. Jesus has made my life so much better. I hope He has or will make yours better too.
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Many events have occurred in my life, but none were as challenging as the ones that occurred as result of my father’s decision to be an absentee father. He refused to take the full responsibility of taking care of his own five children. I don’t know exactly why he was angry with his wife (our mother), but whatever the reason, he stopped sending her money after we moved to Alabama. My mother suffered greatly, during her struggle to maintain the same kind of life we were accustomed to when our family was intact. She worked three jobs to provide food, clothing and shelter. Though it was an impossible task, she tried to be a mother and father for us. In spite of working three jobs, my mother constantly had to borrow money to make ends meet. My Grandmother helped as much as she could by helping to pay on a utility bills, the mortgage, purchasing food, shoes and clothing. After years of struggling mother became weary; our beautiful, happy mother became very sad. Constantly crying about how things had turned out between daddy and the struggle to survive. When her mother died she became very depressed. One month after grandmother’s death, the task of making funeral arrangements for my mother fell to me at age 17. Because she made me promise to take care of my younger siblings if she died, her struggle became my struggle. I experienced depression over my mother’s death and the heavy burden of trying to provide for my siblings and myself. Daddy refused to help us after mother died but changed his mind, totally deserting us. God brought me through tremendous hardship, rejection pain and shame. This book comprises stories about how God brought me through each trial, test and problem I encountered and how He has greatly blessed me. I want the readers to know that I found the love I sought from my daddy in my Heavenly Daddy who extended to me His forgiveness, help, mercy and love to me. As His adopted child, He made me some promises in His word that He has kept and will continue to keep forever. I would not have made it without Him. How wonderfully Jesus has changed my life.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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