Little Chuckie My Way: “Grow where you are planted”
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“My storey is about my life. I was born in 1939, and my family literally broke apart when I was “little”. I do not recall ever living in a home with my mother and father together. There were several years I spent in foster care; and then living with Mom and then Dad, bouncing back and forth a couple of times, until I was a junior in high school. My father moved, but I didn’t. I spent my final year in high school living with a local family, thanks to a basketball coach who took special interest in me. I spent some of my time growing up being a juvenile delinquent; petty theft, shop-lifting, drinking, smoking and other such irresponsible activities. I made a decision to change my life after my freshman year in high school, and went to live with my father, whom I already knew was a strict disciplinarian and a very controlling individual. But, I got the chance to start my life over again at age 15. I made the most of my new start, and I want to tell my story!”
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Chuck Brummel calls himself a late bloomer. He graduated from a small rural school in 1957, started at University of Oregon in the fall term, but dropped out in the middle of the second term and joined the US Army, where he served three years. He was married and a father by age 21, when he was discharged from the US Army, and went to work as a manager trainee for a consumer finance company, and managed branches in Richmond, Cal., Albuquerque, N.M., Long Beach, Cal., and Eugene, Oregon. Ten years later, he resigned the consumer finance business and joined a community bank as a consumer loan officer in 1971, became the President of the bank in 1974, and retired after 31 years as the CEO and Chairman of the Board. Chuck graduated from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon in 1992 with a B.S. in Business Administration at age 53. He took his first snow skiing lesson at age 49, became a coast guard certified sail boater by age 61, a licensed VFR pilot at age 57, and also did his first of many white water rafting trips at age 44 and for several years thereafter, eventually doing solo white water rafting with his wife Peggy, and sometimes with friends. He took a class at the local community college in writing your own memoir at age 65, and began writing his shortly thereafter. However, now at age 74, he has just completed his project. He says that this is the first time in his life that he has ever looked back. Chuck has kept his eye on the present and the future, but never the past, until now. "It�s been a terrific journey, and I decided I wanted to share it with my children, grand-children and great-grandchildren, and anyone else who might be interested". Chuck says that he has learned a lot along the way, and thinks that maybe he can inspire and motivate others to remain optimistic and positive about the future, no matter their present situation. "I am so very grateful for my life, and want to share it."

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