Just Another Day In Paradise
Just Another Day In Paradise
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Visualize a scenario where you are vacationing in a tropical island, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, stresses of daily life, watching the waves reaching out to caress the shore, and you sipping the coconut water with a straw and next to you curled up is your sweetheart, humming a love song in your ear. Sounds fascinating and romantic? Of course, it is. Have you ever thought of the lives and the miseries of the inhabitants of this “tropical paradise”? Have you looked into the weary eyes of the street urchins, as you walked past them to the sandy beach? Or care to know the women toiling in the rice and sugar cane fields for pennies a day and the endless abuse they are subjected to by their drunken husbands and the harassment by the rich men driving around in their Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars? If you claim you care, then read Rethee Devi’s story penned in these pages. You may develop a new insight of the torture she suffered along with half-starved women whom she defended as their attorney in Kerala State, India, also known as “God’s Own Country.”
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Tom Mathews New Jersey. Chairman, “Global Literary Contest” Malayalee Association of America. Accomplished writer of poems, novels (7) in Malaya lam and English, award winner of FOKANA (Federation of Kerala Associations In North America ) and MAAM (Malayalee Association of America). Chairman of (Global Literary Contest' held bi-annually by MAAM. Convener of 1Rajiv Gandhi Trophy' Inter-national Volley-ball tournament (twice) Designer of 1Kerala' floats in New York for India Day Parade.

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