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Pebble is a excellent book for teaching children lessons about kindness and responsibility. It also lets children know that if you make poor decisions there can be some consequences. Pebble and his friend Travis depend on each other in a heartfelt book about their adventures together. While this book may be more appealing to young boys the lessons that Travis and Pebble learn are good lessons for all children. Travis is a going to grow up and be a better person because of his relationship with Pebble and the confidence and concentration Pebble helps Travis attain. While the book is playful and fun it has serious moments allowing for discussion about some of today's issues in our society, especially "bullying". Pebble is the one telling this story which makes Pebble and his feelings more realistic for the reader.
Jason yelled, “You back off, Travis. This is none of your business. Beat it now or YOU will pay later.” Travis just gripped me tighter than ever. “Jason,” Travis said in a calm voice, “ if you don't back away now, every adult in this school is going to learn that you are a big bully and they will be watching you every minute of every day. Take off now, Jason, or Sam and I are headed to the office and your day is headed down hill fast.” Jason just stood there and you know what? Ben, who had been standing behind Travis, stepped up beside him. Travis just stood his ground and stared right back at Jason. Pretty soon something changed in Jason's eyes and he just turned and walked away. Ben was so relieved that I think he took his first breath. Travis told Ben to spend the rest of the recess with him. He put me back into his pocket and it was odd but I think his legs were shaking. That little encounter with Jason made Travis and Ben friends for a lifetime. That night Travis took me out of his pocket and he looked at me. He held me very gently and he said, “You know, Pebble. Whenever I am nervous I find you and you calm me down and give me courage. Thanks, Buddy. Thanks a lot.” I thought, really? That's great. Travis carefully put me next to the lamp and went to bed.
I am a retired grandma with five grandchildren. I was raised in the small town of Colville, WA but I now live in Spokane, WA. My father's family had many talented storytellers. I grew up listening to wonderful tales that I am sure were embellished in many places. Still, I learned many things from hearing those stories. When I was teaching school I would have the children close their eyes and listen to classical music and I made up stories to tell them while I was trying to follow the emotion of the music. I don't know why it has taken me so long to put pen to paper but here is my first book. I hope you enjoy it. -Karen

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