The Journey Back
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Within these few pages are the teachings long since lost to ego and religion taking all ownership of self and awareness away. We will explore these teachings and, using tested applications, will show you a simple and empowering way to take back your life, to become the master of your destiny, and find an inner peace that eludes us in everyday living. We will discover the energy of the body. The link between thought and action. We will remove the fear and indoctrinations of many religious teachings. We will not tell you what to believe or that you should not have faith. Just to live without fear and with positive purpose and happiness. Inner peace, relationship fulfilment, mental and physical health will be explored. Here we hope to give you not just the answers to some questions but the formula for ongoing self-wellness, the ability to be one with yourself. Oneness the journey back to self to happiness to peace.
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Born on 14 July 1963, Martin J. West lived in a market town called Uxbridge County of Middlesex in England, spending much of his working life in sales. Most remarkable was being drawn into the spiritual movement while actually trying to disprove it. Martin West began to realise something quite a revelation—the connection between mind, body, and emotions. The reality of life energy in the human being and other life. Within each of us is a super wisdom that simplifies and clarifies the human experience. Having been a student of some of the best and most committed tutors, Martin began to formulate the knowledge now contained in his new book, Oneness ‘The Journey Back'―the key to self-understanding and the start to improving life, filling the emptiness.
I have had the privelage of studying under Martin and gone through this material. Work on self involves looking deep into your self and it can be difficult to acknowledge then release and change things. But it is so worth it, I wouldn't take back a scrap if progress for an easier time. I feel lighter, calmer and have a different perspective on things which would otherwise worry me. I still have work to do but aren't we all a work in progress?

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