Scientific Gate To The Afterlife
Scientific Gate To The Afterlife
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The subject of the afterlife and ghosts is often deemed suspicious and related more to pseudo-religion, occultism or something equally distant from science as well as disturbing and ominous. Some people consider anything that they cannot comprehend or accept to be impossible while others are convinced that rejecting such problems makes them intelligent, so that they deliberately ignore them. On the other hand, supporters of the theory that everything depends on the brain would explain ghosts by brain disorders, illusions or hallucinations. However, there are surprisingly many individuals who have had the opportunity to experience - in a more or less direct way - the existence of an invisible world and its inhabitants. In fact, no one can quite sincerely deny that they exist. There is no point in negating something, just because it cannot be seen or measured. In this book, the writer relate the latest findings of physics about the next world and the beings that live in it. Writer also going to analyse these findings from the scientific point of view and to describe the spiritual world using scientific terms. This book will be interesting both for those who believe in afterlife but need scientific confirmation as well as for the skeptics who may change their minds after having read this publication. This book refer to the first publication of Mr. Tadataka Kimura's book "Truth of soul" published in 2011.
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Tadataka Kimura was born January 27th, 1954 and lives in Fukuoka, where he practices medicine. A graduate of the Sapporo Medical University (Hoddaido Prefecture), he has experience in clinical treatment in Japan and the United States (internal medicine, emergency medicine, psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine). At present, Dr. Kimura is the head of the Kasuga Hospital in Kitakyushu.

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