2016 - 2017 Estate Planning Guide for Ontarians -                  Completing the Puzzle
2016 - 2017 Estate Planning Guide for Ontarians - "Completing the Puzzle"
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Estate Planning

The legislation covering Estate Planning and distribution falls under provincial jurisdiction, with the exception of the Federal Income Tax Act. There are a number of Provincial Acts that directly or indirectly influence how an effective Estate Plan can be designed. The impacts of the Provincial legislation and Income Tax Act must be correctly understood and properly applied to your Estate Plan.

The Estate Planning Guide for Ontarians — "Completing the Puzzle" has been written to integrate the various areas of legislation that are relevant to developing a comprehensive estate plan. The guide is focussed on Ontario legislation but with legal advice can be applied to other common law provinces and territories, excluding Quebec. Quebec's legal system is based on civil law and it is has significant differences from common law.

The guide includes true life examples of where simple errors can have devastating effects on your Estate Plan.

This guide illustrates how an experienced Certified Financial Planner (CFP) can help you Complete the Puzzle.

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Phelim L. O'Malley received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from York University's Shulich School of Business in 1997. Phelim has been a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) since 1999. He has also completed numerous additional industry designations in his more than 15 years in the estate and financial planning industry. The most recent position held was Director, Estate and Financial Planning, with a major life insurance company.

Contact: phelim.omalley@gmail.com


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