Through Miracles to Ministry
Through Miracles to Ministry
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What drives a Caribbean man to pack his meager belongings, pick up his young family, and get on a plane bound for the Philippines, knowing that he has only enough money to get to New York? What makes him believe that they can survive in that distant country for three years when he doesn’t even have enough money to get there in the first place? The answer is conviction—a strong conviction based on several miracles, such as a mysterious old bent-over Vincentian woman appearing from nowhere and telling him to his face that he should become a pastor! Through Miracles to Ministry traces a long and often exciting journey marked by providential situations and supernatural events in the author’s life. As you take this journey with him, especially from 2002 onward, you will be left shaking your head in acknowledgment that certainly, God was at work. The author hopes that as you read, your attitude will be, “Hey, if God did this for him, he can do it for me.”
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Erickson Fabien comes from the island of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean. A former teacher, school principal, and college lecturer, Erickson became impressed in 2002 that God was calling him into pastoral ministry, so the following year, he left the Caribbean with his family for seminary studies in the Philippines. Since then, he has served as a church pastor in Singapore and currently oversees two congregations in the Perth metro area of Western Australia. He enjoys ministering through writing, teaching, preaching, singing, personal witnessing, and healthy lifestyle education. Erickson and his wife, Jacqueline, have two teenage children, Annique and Christopher.

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