You Were Mine for a Time
You Were Mine for a Time
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book contains a compilation of four stories written to entice the mature lady into a sexual awareness of her inner self. What lengths will a woman go to for that ultimate fulfillment? Dr. Kevin gives a man’s perspective of what he thinks a woman goes through when she has her yearly gynecological exam. It's fun, expressive, and sensual all at the same time. No Name has all kinds of twists and turns that will keep you enticed to the very end. Sexy, hot, and will make you tremble and quiver. The ending will amaze you. A New Kind of Love is a love story between two lovers who meet over the phone. It brings text to an all-new experience for these two, and reaches the sexual limits of a woman who has hidden herself for so long. Hot Stuff goes on a journey by bus like she has never been on before. She finds lust, sex, and fulfillment in a confining and public place with discretion and complete enjoyment.
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I began my career as an erotica short story writer at the prompting of the owner at my favorite little used bookstore. When my first story was sold she encouraged me to keep going and now I have turned my desire to reach more readers into this book. When my husband of nineteen years can pull me away from my computer, I enjoy time with my grandchildren, making silk flower arrangements, cooking, reading, or soaking up the Florida sunshine. I’m a true romantic at heart and love to be wined and dined by my favorite man. Writing has become my passion, and as new stories pop into my head, I write them down. So watch for a new book soon.

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