An Irrational Normality
An Irrational Normality
The Life and Times of a Wire Mothered Monkey an American Nightmare
Perfect Bound Softcover
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How Hot is Heaven? “What is it to be Human?” These and other questions are pondered in “An Irrational Normality”. An unusual creative non-fiction memoir not only because it makes living an everyday life in a schizophrenic world a compelling read, but ultimately answers, “Who is responsible for What and is What responsible for Who?” Armed with the pervasive subjugation of his soul by government authorities and religious institutions with their certainties and choices engraved in tomes and on stones, the author navigates a world overflowing with psychopathic politicians, religious fanatics, and other visionaries … from New York State’s 1st Protestant orphanage to an Iraqi head “Bobbing” in a septic tank complicating the establishment of an FOB.
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Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. Dan Dewey is a disabled Vietnam veteran whose formative years were fashioned growing up in an orphanage and finally forged with years of bomb recovery at the El Uotia Bomb Range, northern Sahara desert, and the RVN - taking a break from experiential truths to pursue a formal education in literature and eventual Masters degree in Information Science. Following 25 years living in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a dirt road at “the end of the power line”, home schooling his 3 children, and pursuing art in many mediums, Dan moved back to Homogenized America to work with Florida’s most violent prisoners which honed a sense of gallows humor that permeates his creative non-fiction writing.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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