Tax Strategy vs. Countermeasures
Tax Strategy vs. Countermeasures
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In today's world, where it has become fairly easy for a taxpayer to move back and forth from one country to another, it has become quite a common tax strategy, especially among wealthy individuals and multinational companies, to transfer their residence, income, and assets abroad mainly to reduce tax burden. Particularly in Europe, many wealthy individuals have moved their residence abroad mostly for tax purpose. Thus, tennis legend Bjorn Borg, who was known to have transferred decades ago his residence from Sweden to Monaco, is obviously not alone. A more recent, well-publicized case was Gérard Depardieu, who showed his intention of leaving France after having acquired Russian citizenship in 2013. This famous French actor and entrepreneur is reported to have made a comment that the French government's recent plan of raising the top marginal individual income tax rate is just like penalizing talented people who have achieved success in their careers.
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The author, Naoki Matsuda, doctor of law, is a visiting scholar ( August 2013–July 2015 ) sent from the Ministry of Finance in Japan to Columbia Business School and Weatherhead East Asian Institute in Columbia University, New York. He was a professor at Kaetsu Graduate School in Tokyo (2010–2013), a visiting professor at Graduate School of Seigakuin University in Saitama Pref. (2010–2013), a visiting professor / associate professor at Graduate Research Institute of Public Policies in Tokyo (2002–2013), a lecturer at Hitotsubashi Law School in Tokyo (2005–2007), and principal administrator of the Directorate for Financial, Fiscal, and Enterprise Affairs (DAFFE) at OECD in Paris (1997–1999).

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