The Layman's Guide to a Growing Income Stream for Life
The Layman's Guide to a Growing Income Stream for Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In the low-interest rate environment we currently find ourselves in these days, just putting your hard-earned dollars into a simple savings account at your local bank just won’t cut it anymore, if it ever did. The time has come to broaden our horizons a bit and consider ways we have to grow our savings and have our nest egg work for us. The plan is to explore our options and construct an investment strategy that is tailor-made for each individual’s situation and tolerance. A plan that will provide us with a growing income stream that will allow us to provide for ourselves and our loved ones for life while allowing us to rest easy at night. This book is a blueprint outlining the good and the not-so-good options we all have in an easy-to-understand reference guide you can turn to anytime. We all should have a work ethic in our profession. “A good day’s work for a good days pay.” Inside, we expand on that ethic. “The pay earned for a good day’s work will now work for me.”
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After twenty years providing services for a global leader in transportation and logistics, Kevin has since retired to Charleston, South Carolina. He has gained intimate knowledge of how international companies excel in their fields, as well as what decisions may lead to their shortcomings. Now settled in the Atlanta area, Kevin works periodically in advising other professionals, managing and constructing their investment portfolios. Tailor-made to each individual, he has enjoyed success in this endeavor and has sought to reach a greater audience with this first book.

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