The Path of Hope
The Path of Hope
Volume II
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The Path of Hope is a play that actually portrays the social reality of the people, how to live in society where we belong. It is really not a book whose value can be achieved by mere literary analysis. Then sooner or later the same book will take its place in American literature and also in the world literature. The reality that the poor will always remain poor and the rich always rich. Finally, there is always a way of hope to go and that Almighty God is the light of hope to the people suffered and humiliated by the man's selfishness dominating man to his own detriment.
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Adelson Leal Monteiro was born on July 11, 1980, in Santiago Island, Cape Verde. Hugo Tavares Monteiro and Roman Oliveira Leal’s son. He studied at the elementary school Marina Cintra and at the Brazilian Universal Institute in São Paulo, Brazil. Continuing his secondary school studies in high school Rodrigues Alves in Sao Paulo. Always an exemplary student, he studied theology at the Theological Institute of the Region in Sao Paulo. He is writer, teacher, poet defender of the poor, playwright, texts reviser, monograph, thesis, teaching books, literary books and critical literary analysis and literary work, member of the CBE–Brazilian Club of Writers and Independent Poets. Graduate in modern languages and literatures at the Renaissance College. UNIESP faculty, current, of Sao Paulo and the faculty of arts, University of Coimbra, and he has a master's degree in language and literature. At seventeen years of age, he was already acquainted with the words of the soul. We cannot always interpret with ingenuity. Having edited at twenty-nine years old his first book in South America, the book that he entitled "The Voice of the Prince of Peace After Martin Luther King" by Physis Publishing Ltd. in São Paulo, Brazil. He has worked for four consecutive years as a volunteer Portuguese teacher on the project "Managing the Future" First Baptist Church in Sao Paulo, and likewise, he gave free meals to homeless people in the square of the cathedral. He taught as a teacher at the Rodrigues Alves high school and as a student researcher at the Professor Francisco Trivinho elementary school in São Paulo. And also taught Portuguese language in Schools Group Paulo da Gama, Setubal–Portugal. Participated in the XIII National Poetry contest, Issue Castro Alves, held on October 2009 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where one of his literary texts was chosen among the twenty-eight best and edited the anthology entitled "View of Brazilian Contemporary Literature" (selected poems) Volume I. This young teacher and writer travels around the world preaching peace, love, unity, freedom and equality, harmony among men, and he is committed to his noble mission for world peace and freedom among people.

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