A Saudi Woman’s Voice
A Saudi Woman’s Voice
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“A fusion of witty sarcasm and deep dark emotional truths brilliantly woven by Maha Noor Elahi, her poetry speaks on behalf of many silent voices, opening a window to the rebellious, tender, exotic and powerful being that is called a Saudi woman.” Mira Khatib; Published author, award winning poet, Editor-in-Chief @arabwomanmag.com “A Saudi Woman’s Voice is a collection of poems that span over a decade and across various settings, in which the writer memoirs the world through a woman’s eyes, her dreams, silent wishes— a world full of manipulation and deceit and the struggles women face in a world controlled by men and made to feel plagued by feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. Noor Elahi offers a rare view into a Muslim woman’s identity— how she views herself within the world around her when she comments on war, death and destruction as well in her never-ending quest for justice and peace. She also reflects on the various facets of a woman and offers her thoughts on motherhood, social hypocrisy, being a teacher, and the struggles of a poet, all in a gentle soul-searching journey. Readers will experience a woman’s struggle to make sense of experiences that became the focus of this journey of self-discovery prompting them to look into their own lives. The book is a fascinating experience for those interested in gaining awareness from both self-examination and mining the past in an effort to understand the present.” Dr ZilalMeccawy, Assistant Professor, English Language Institute, King AbdulazizUniversity, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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A note from the Author This Poetry compilation is the sum of my life experiences as a woman, wife, mother, and working female. You will not read something extraordinary or mind-blowing; you will only go through a journey into the deep thoughts and feelings of a very average woman. I might be the woman you meet at a train station in Europe or in a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. It's basically "me" thinking out loud and expressing the "usually-unheard" voice of an every-day woman with all her inner conflicts, daily struggles, and perceptions of an-about-to-fall-apart world. A Saudi Woman’s Voice

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