Turn an Idea into A U.S. Patent/Create Money
Turn an Idea into A U.S. Patent/Create Money
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book will help make it easier for the readers to know how to take their idea or ideas and turn them into money. This book is an easy one, two, three go to book for entrepreneurs, who want an easy starting point and an outcome that will end in prosperity. The Patent application is the very first thing that have to be done when applying for a United States Patent. The application have to be filed thru a Patent Attorney for legalization of your idea. Register DBA Doing Business As/ Name of Business Cost a small amount, register at your court house TAX ID NUMBER; Tax Access Office Create Money: Go to: www.accountreceivable.com Start: Application and product to deliver to customers. Once the product have been delivered. The invoice is signed and funding is approved. Most receivable company's fund 80% of the total. 1-2% interest fee paid to the funding company. And the other 18% will be deposited into your bank account after the retailer have paid back the full receivable amount. Example: $100k products value Products delivered on 11-22-2016 Within 24-48 hours $80k deposit into your business account. Customers buy product for a higher amount. Half goes to the receivable funding company. The other half, profit stays with the wholesale buyer. 30 day term to pay back in full. 12-22-2016 When starting a new product development, you need to know all of the good, bad, and the ugly. A. Good things can happen if you follow this book and put action along with lots of courage. Very important to hire a Patent Attorney to help keep your idea confidential. Always have a confidential form handy when revealing your idea. Have them sign and date the form for secret keeping. Never reveal you idea to anyone, unless they've signed and dated the confidential form, is very important. B.The bad news is if you don't get the confidential form signed, you could loose all rights to your idea. It's about first come first served. 3.The ugly is having "Big Backlash" that requires fighting in court, if this idea was an original idea that you create. Some have created a Poor Mans Patent, that's when you print all the information about your product or service and mail it bs k to yourself through the USPS.
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She was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. She also attended Southern University and majored in business administration. Married and the mother of three children: Andre', Daphne, and Anthony. This book is dedicated to all three of my children along with four grandchildren: Terrell. Daja, Donavan. and DJ. I moved and relocated into the Houston area in 1980, Shreveport, Louisiana is her place of birth. She moved into Fort Bend County in 2002, with a new husband, Doctor of Chiropractic, in the Houston, Texas area And life have been a dream every since.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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