The Manners, Norms, and Customs (Rusoom) of the House of Governance In the First Age (Era) of the Abbasid Caliphate 750 – 865AD
The Manners, Norms, and Customs (Rusoom) of the House of Governance In the First Age (Era) of the Abbasid Caliphate 750 – 865AD
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Literally the concept of Al-Rasm means an attempt of picturing things and generally it means all the customs habits manners superstition and laws that limits the way of communication between the caliph (the successor) and the common people including his favorite. In the field of specialized study a book was written in the fifth century of Hijra by HilalIbnMuhsin Al-sababi called (Rusum Dar Al-khilapha) in addition to what was written by Al-Jahidh in his book "Al-taj in kings' morality" concerning this subject but containing only some of Al-Rusum. Al-Maukib contained the Arts of walking (the rule) and manners of approaching the Caliph and the right way of talking to him while walking. The main conclusions of this study is the fact that nothing but the reflection of the true Islamic customs who claim that Arabs had taken most of their customs and manners from the kings of other nations. Also ABBASI Caliphs did apply the Islamic law in managing their affairs following the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the four rightly- guided Caliphs.
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Name: Talab Sabbar Mahal Owaid Al-Janabi Birth place and Date: Iraq / Salahaldeen/ Baiji /1950 Languages: Arabic and English Education : PhD in history from College of Education / Baghdad University1995. M. A. in history from College of Arts - Salahaldeen University 1989 B. A. from College of Arts. University of Baghdad / 1974 B.A. in English Language/ English Department/ College of Education. Tikrit University 2006 Scientific Rank: Professor. Experiences: -Taught many graduate and undergraduate courses - Supervision of Theses and Dissertations: -Supervised many phd master level theses and dissertation on different kinds of historical and civil knowledge. -Writing of many researches in the field of middle ages and the Arab Islamic civilization and published those researches in high Caliber research magazines.

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