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After a distinguished career as a professional beach volleyball player, Rachel Haslett's father hands her the reigns to the Santa Barbara Charros, a class A minor league baseball team. She shakes the very foundation of the sport by hiring an all female staff and creating a highly successful marketing campaign called honeyball. To baseball purists it represents marketing sex over baseball. It's a concept that results in the Charros' becoming the all time minor league leader in attendance for a single season. Rachel's path to that record is cluttered with obstacles; she's jailed for a parole violation, sexually assaulted by her parole officer, repeatedly chastised in print by a local sportswriter and haunted by the death of her father in a plane crash which she learns was not an accident. Honeyball offers an intriguing and entertaining perspective of minor league baseball where a group of women pull together in a dedicated campaign to find success at the box office while their leader finally finds the love of her life and the persons responsible for the death of her father in a plane crash. This all happens before her team records its last out of its season.
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Pete Liebengood is a retired former TV sportscaster (KCRA-TV Sacramento, KRON-TV San Francisco) and a play-by-play contributor to ESPN (college basketball, college football, boxing and tennis). He's authored two other novels; “Class of ‘62” and “Accidental Droning.” Raised in Santa Barbara, he pressently lives with his wife, Alicia Aguirre, in Redwood City, California.

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