How to Make Group Psychotherapy Work
How to Make Group Psychotherapy Work
New Perspectives on Group Therapy
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Mental health professionals are often more comfortable and trained to run individual and small group therapy but need training to handle larger groups. This book demonstrates how learning to run larger groups can not only be exciting but also highly therapeutic for all. Included are numerous testimonies from individuals who have benefited from these workshops and examples of individual growth and healing. Edward Lyons, LCSW, LLADC, LLS, Chief Clinical Offi cer and Executive Vice President of Integrity House, Inc. states, “I have seen countless numbers of our clients begin to heal from deep emotional wounds through participation in Dr. Coleman's groups.” Pastor Gennie Holt, Newark, NJ, says, “ I have worked with Dr. Coleman for several years in many types of groups. I have witnessed people saved from addictions, anxieties, phobias, depression and other issues. I have even seen members of my congregation energized and transformed. I have witnessed people come away from his groups with greater faith, hope and courage.”
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Dr. Thomas R. Coleman is a NJ licensed Clinical Psychologist. He has worked as a group and individual psychotherapist in numerous settings, including rehabilitation facilities, medical and psychotherapy clinics, psychiatric hospitals, women's shelters, homeless programs and church retreats. He has taught in colleges for over 30 years and is Director of Sensitivity Empowerment Workshops, where he has run therapy groups with as many as 500 people. Dr. Coleman has gathered and developed group techniques that have proven highly-effective and are included in this “how to” book. Additionally, he has published four other psychology texts, a novel and numerous papers. He continues as a writer, teacher and lecturer.

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