The Red Waters of Life
The Red Waters of Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Xavier's body is changing. And so is the world he knows. He is not sure what it is happening to him or why. His friends and acquaintances do not know what is wrong with him. They hardly recognize him. And who is the mysterious Elizabeth who obsessed him? And can she be trusted? Before he fully understands what he is or who he is now, he may find himself an unwilling pawn in a centuries-long chess game in which there can be no real winners. His only alternative may be to lose what little humanity he has left in the red waters of life. Can he find his friends and the answers to his questions before time runs out and it is game over?
I am a master vampire, Xavier. My birth name holds no real importance to this story. Besides, I would rather have you wonder if this story may be true or just the madness of one man's mind. I am blind to the eyes of your world, and even those who have seen me have no real idea what they are looking at. I attract them to me just as I did you. We all received this gift from what I call the black kiss. For some time, I found it hard to believe that so much has happened to me. I once believed that the greatest thing that would happen to me was to graduate from college. I must admit that going to college was just as great. I loved the dorms, classes, study hall, and parties. Boy, did I love those days. I was a handsome, young black man if I do say so myself. Most women love my deep-set brown eyes. They loved my long, curly black hair even more. My curly hair made me look like a god in their eyes. The bad thing about all of it was that my hair was wild because I really didn't comb it. I would like to say that my body was one to die for, but the fact is . . . I was and still am a tall, thin-framed male with a light complexion. To be six feet only seemed to add to my beauty and grace. I was truly a Mack Daddy! The things I would say! The way women would lose themselves in my beauty was just sinful. Girls would live on my words as if I was giving them drugs. They would even try to get guilt or jealousy from me when I would end our relationships. I remember how women would take me back to their spots under the excuse that we were going to talk. We spoke for some time and usually we would end up kissing. Oh, how I loved their soft, moist lips. We would lose ourselves in each other's lust, and in time, I would be making love to them for hours, trying to carry them to a higher level of ecstasy or until I climaxed first. I would try to continue, but then it would occur to me that what we were doing was so wrong. George called me a prick for my behavior, but the truth is they would have only blamed me for their actions as if I tricked them. Anyway, I second-guessed myself all throughout the school . . . I tried to figure out the meaning of everything around me. In some ways, I felt blessed because of all the people I came to know and came to depend on! I look back now and realize that I was lucky to have the friends I had back then. The way we debated about almost every human behavior. George made it a point to bring events before us and watch us argue about it. Most of the time, we would figure out the behavior of that person and the outcome of their actions. I miss my friends. I would give anything to have them here right now, to see the world through their eyes. I wish I could hear the rage in their voices as I used to when we fought with one another. Even to hear the voice of the one who held us together. I will call him George so to protect his family and know this . . . I will do the same for all of my friends, whose voices I long to hear right now, for they had always given my twisted soul peace. Now, Landis (I called him the great mind of minds) always forced me to find peace in myself. He always was the one who felt he had to look out for everyone's well-being. Landis never really wanted to depend on George and felt neither should the rest of us. Then there is Marco and Drew . . . They both shared the title of my best friend and roommate. They seemed to fill in the role of my father, whether I wanted them to or not. Drew was the laid-back type of guy. He would not read too deep into anything. He pretty much would just deal with a problem as soon as it would arrive. Marco, however, was the type of dude that would just laugh off things that he felt was not too deep, but if you pushed him, he would come out full force. Marco was truly a cold dude when he had to be. Okay, now! Next to George, I would have to say Garrett is the wisest out of the rest of us. Then there are George's other children, whom I got to know through him. Though he has taken too many, the only two I came to bond with were Zack and Vinnie. George often told us that people fell into one out of three human nature types. They were light, dark, or chaos. Zack and I often debated whether Garrett or George was the smartest. They both seemed to understand these three levels, and both were very good at figuring out people's intent. Vinnie, however, was never in our debates, because he was loyal to George to a fault. I still recall the fights we had over his blind trust in George. No one else besides Casper, Marco, Drew, and even Landis really gave a shit whether George really looked out for us or not. I guess I would have to say that I would not want to change anything I have lived through, but boy; I wish I could change everything that happened after we died. Now Peter was a very good friend of mine who went to our school as well. Though he had very little interaction with the rest of the guys, he and George had a strange bond. I would have never known that they even knew each other. However, to my surprise, he too was one of George's children. I eventually betrayed his friendship as well by loving Elizabeth. Peter will not forgive me for what I did to him and our friendship, which had nothing to do with everyone else's. He usually tried to understand my situation before making a judgment, but this time he allowed his rage to blind him and cut me out of his life. His hatred toward Elizabeth outweighed everyone else's. He was very closed-minded when it came to her and me. He would have killed her if given the chance. I just could not get him or the others to see her the way I did. To understand what she did for me. It is true that she betrayed me in the end as well, but her love for me cannot be questioned. I still can picture her as if it was just yesterday. Elizabeth has the most perfectly shaped lips and long, soft, curly reddish hair. Though she stood about five feet six, she had the frame of a dancer. Her grace drew attention toward her whenever she entered a room. I did love my friends and respect their opinions, but I also loved Elizabeth. To this day, I am forced to ask, "Why couldn't I have them both?" Perhaps only God knows, and maybe George! The choice between the two was really too much, as time came to show me. A bond I came to miss. They must have decided this to be my fate. The world I would be in without love or support. The independence I now came to have without them and the new degrees of awareness I have found within myself. I learned to love the freedom of my mind. The behavior of many natures trapped in one ideal place. I am still unable to control the different levels of my mind's growth. (I am wilding.) The truth is I am not the man I once was and really have no idea how to return to my former self. I guess, in a way if I did find a way to return to that former state of being, I would not take it. I would never allow fate to destroy Elizabeth's memories and my love. Because of her, I see the world through colder eyes. The innocence I once had been truly dead . . . If I could still cry; this would be a reason for such an event. Is there any other death in life that could take so much and allow you to live within its effects? Maybe it is true that after death everyone will be alone until the day that God pulls us all before Him. Many years have passed since the last time we all spoke. Who was the reason for us not speaking? It would not be fair for me to guess, so I really will not say.
Gerard Z. St. George has been writing stories and making plays in his mind since he was of a young age. He attended and worked at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, which inspired his passion in creating his fictional characters. A fan of horror and supernatural literature, Ann Rice and Elizabeth Hand are some of his influences. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his cat, Ryu . The Red Waters of Life is his first published work.
I love the idea that their are main black characters in a book and they are realistic beings.

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