A Medicine Woman's Story, Prophecies and the Healing Remedies
A Medicine Woman's Story, Prophecies and the Healing Remedies
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Time is but a shadow of things gone by and the reflection of things to come. This partial autobiography of Loretta is a “must read” for all of Gods' People. Not only is this book Inspirational by sharing her hardships, showing that all things are possible with Faith in Jesus as she weathered the storms of life; but this book is also Prophetic and Medicinal. A story of how God spared her life as a child, how her mother dedicated her to the Service of God. Unction's from God at an early age, growing up God began to show her Visions that came to pass, a Vision that is yet to happen in this end-time. Prophetic information to be aware of for Believers and non Believers. Reading her story should build her credibility in your heart preparing you for The Last Prophecy, The Spurious Messiah and The Great Apostasy.
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As the middle child of a family of seven children, Loretta is a Native of New Mexico and lives in the foothills of the Sangre de Christo Mountains with her husband of 42 years. She is a self-taught Herbalist and a Christian Lay Minister since the 1980's. She is the Author of the recently published book, “The Natural Remedies of a Modern Day Medicine Woman“. Loretta has shared her knowledge about Herbal Medicine from Grade School to College students and on organized Nature Hikes. Being a Servant of The Living God, she has always been ready to help others in their life whether it be Spiritually and/or Physically.

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