Rising from the Ashes
Rising from the Ashes
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I was born Christina Laura McIntyre, but that was a name that belonged to another person in another time. Now, it's Tina, because Tina would never allow those boys or even men to violate her that way again. Christina did fight back but lost the struggle that terrible night seventeen years ago. Tina was born when Christina died. You ask: Do I remember that night? There is not even one second of that terrible night that I can ever forget.

Hi, I'm Marchela Wells. I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce myself. However, since I'm a fictional person myself, I need to introduce my alter self. Marchela Wells is a name created by my wife. She seems to like the name, and since women are the target audience of my novels I decided to adopt it as my alternate persona.

I have been writing Romance fiction for a good number of years and posting it to the internet. Mostly to Pemberly.com, a site devoted to fan fiction of Jane Austen, especially the novel Pride and Prejudice. But that aside, my favorite subject has always been romance. I've read a lot of that style of novel. And I love hundreds of romance movies of all kinds.

I'm now retired and having some time on my hands one day I sat down at my computer and started typing. I really wasn't even intending to write a story. Suddenly on thought came after another. Characters slipped from my fingertips and onto the screen. More characters appeared and began to interact with each other. A story line developed and began to fill in page after page. I typed for many days until I had over 80,000 words loaded. I didn't like everything about it, and decided to search around for help. My wife and other family don't like to read, so I was desperate and searched the internet and found the group Ladies Who Critique. On that site I found a young girl who agreed to take a look. She made a few comments about my prologue. I took it to heart and chopped the entire mess down to an opening few sentences, compressed the story down to its basic elements. Then rewrote the entire story based on that thought. The story expanded to 100k words. My next CP found that I had the worst grammar and punctuation he had seen. So I worked for days on that. Recently I took a final look and performed a smoothing and fleshing out of minor characters. The current result is just over 120k words.

I am learning, so please give my work a look with that in mind.

C.M.Moore Review:
"Rising from the Ashes is a downright enjoyable novel! With a flawed heroine and a strong hero, this book really paints a unique picture for readers." - C.M.Moore

The US Review of Books:reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott
First time author Marchela Wells has created a gutsy heroine with a soft heart, capable of passionate cravings, but possessed of a fierce determination that helps her keep on track when everything in her new and happy life is suddenly under threat. Rising from the Ashes has just about everything an avid reader of romantic thrillers could ask for: beautiful but bruised lady, charming and fearless man, and a very nasty villain trying to tear them apart. Though there are a few too many pat solutions and the supporting cast lacks depth, Wells' book will please her intended audience, spiced as it is with lubricious sex scenes and peppered with plenty of intrigue. There's even a built-in trailer at the end that presages a sequel. This initial offering features a steamy romance, danger and a thrilling climax, seen though the eyes of a woman capable of both fighting evil and yielding to love.

Clarion Review:
A young woman finds love and possible redemption in this novel about survival and recovery.Marchela Wells's Rising from the Ashes is a romance with elements of a classical thriller that relates the tragedies of a young woman's life. Christina "Tina" McIntyre has had more than her share of troubles. She survived a brutal rape at sixteen, and both of her parents were killed in a plane crash several years later. Her story includes an unusual mix of romance and elements of a "shoot-em-up" thriller, including bombings, car chases, and gun battles.

BlueInk Review:
In this suspenseful, if uneven, tale of true love and happiness, a damaged young woman heals her heart and finds love, only to have it nearly ripped away. Author Marchela Wells deftly unveils the plot's suspenseful elements, which offer plenty of excitement. The book finishes strongly, with an action-packed climax and the promise of more to come in a series.

Wells tells the story of a woman attempting to overcome a traumatic past to find love in this debut novel....the author plays it straight and manages to keep the reader (mostly) turning pages. For those willing to suspend their disbelief, Wells' novel is oddly compelling. By framing Tina's journey as an external action story rather than an internal psychological trauma tale, Wells gives the reader heroes and villains to root for and a chance at a conclusive ending. A realistic account of recovery, it is not. As a bit of escapism, however, the book delivers. An outlandish but entertaining romance about an executive's search for happiness.


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