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It was supposed to be a leisure hiking, until the young people intruded into the world of giants. It was supposed to be a return to normal life when they finally got out of the cave after a series of adventures, until the giants intruded into the world of human beings. Then, it was supposed to be a glorious fight against intruders, until the young people discovered a striking fact.
“Be careful,” warned Wendy, “I hear some voices ahead.” Really?” Leo became alert instantly, “shall we hide somewhere and see what would happen…ouch!” s Leo spoke, he turned his sight on Bryan and his steps became astray from the stream in a rather hesitating gait, for he intended to wait for Bryan's decision. Due to this casual way of walking, Leo was trapped by something on the ground. lare went to him and helped him to stand up, as she was closer to Leo at that moment. Thank you, Clare…I should be more careful…I forgot what a wild place it is…There are hundreds of roadblocks on the ground here, such as this…wait! What's this?” eo's words ended up with a sudden transition to an exclamation, from which one could easily infer that he had seen something bizarre. Stilling holding Leo's arms, Clare took her advantage of being on scene and looked down upon the ground, trying to find what shocked Leo so much. She bent down to it, but instantly rose again with a sharp intaking of the breath. What's up?” the others walked over and concentrated their sights to that particular spot on the ground. ne minute had passed and they had said nothing. sense of horror seemed to be shrouded around like haze, which staggered them from speaking out the words emerged in their brains. inally, it was Bryan who broke the silence. Bones,” said he in a grave tone, “of human beings.” ith the words, that fear, which was dimly discernible at first, became touchable and was creeping upon their bodies. Another thrilling silence enveloped them until they noticed Clare's sudden shudder, as if she was struck by lightning. Hold on, Clare,” this time it was Leo's turn to hold Clare, who was staring at one point on the ground. Her face turned as pale as a paper and was about to faint away. ollowing Clare's gaze, the other four also casted their sight on the articles. Within a second, startle, solicitude and terror blended upon their expressions. hose were two rings. Except the size, they were exactly the same as the one hanging to Clare's chest.
She devotes herself in fantasies; she devotes herself in the reality. She writes for children; she writes for adults. She depicts a fictitious world; she depicts the real world. She may arouse your excitement; she may drop you into silence. She shares her fantastical imagination with you; she shares her serious thoughts with you—anyway, it is for the readers to decide that whether she is a storyteller or a thought provoker.

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