Assyrians: The Continuous Saga
Assyrians: The Continuous Saga
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Assyrians have been deprived of their rich heritage in their ancestral homelands in Mesopotamia. From one side, history curriculum taught in the Middle East's public schools is manipulated and it focuses predominantly on the region's Islamic era. Such curriculum is grossly altered and rewritten to suit a meticulously planned ‘Arabization,' ‘Turkicization,' and more recently Kurdification process of the Assyrians. From the other side, some historians question the continuation of ancient Assyrian civilization and people. Furthermore, certain Old Testament non-favorite images of Assyrians are dominant in literature. Thus, unbiased publications and historical references regarding the survival of Assyrians since the fall of their Imperial capital Nineveh are of great importance.
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Frederick A. Aprim, an Assyrian Christian, was born Frederick Aprim Minasheh in 1953 in the city of Kirkuk, north of Iraq. He is a graduate of Mosul University, College of Engineering, with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. He left Iraq in September 1980 and entered the United States as an immigrant in December 1981. He worked for fifteen years in the disk drive industry in California's Silicon Valley. Fred's family, like many Assyrian families, experienced its own share of oppression and persecution. While in Iraq, both his father and teenage brother were imprisoned unfairly and tortured. Fred describes himself as an Assyrian activist, his many articles are posted on,,,, and other Assyrian web sites.

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