Confessions of a Bunny
Confessions of a Bunny
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Meet Bun Bun. She may look like your grandmother’s vintage bunny, but that’s just what four years of devoted companionship looks like on pink polyester. She is the faithful sidekick to her equally charismatic and lovable person, Reagan. Bun Bun shares her life experiences with us as only she can. Told through the eyes of the stuffed friend that your child can never leave beind, Bun Bun lets us in on the one-of-a-kind devotion, sweetness, and love that a child shares with their number one stuffy. Told with humor and a tender heart, you can’t help but fall in love with Bun Bun.


"There are stuffed animals and there are stuffies-best friends, commiserators, and adventurers. In Confessions of a Bunny, Melissa Jackson helps Bun Bun, an extra special stuffy, tell a high-spirited and loving story of living life with her person, Reagan. Bun Bun's voice is well developed, with a sassy, somewhat sarcastic tone that is sweetened by her love and admiration for her person. Bun Bun's stuffing thins and fur fades, but each paint splatter and dirt smear marks a life well-lived with her person".
-5 Star CLARION REVIEW *****

"Confessions of a Bunny is a story children will want read to them over and over again, and parents will be happy to oblige."

Hi. My name is Bun Bun. I know I may look like I've been around a REALLY long time, but this is actually what 4 years of hard living looks like on a stuffed bunny. I didn't always look this way, if you can believe it, I was once pink, yes, I know, hard to imagine but it's true...PINK! That was me...before the storm...
Melissa Jackson is a graduate of Arizona State University where she earned a bachelor's degree in psychology. From there, she pursued a teaching credential and began teaching primary grade children in Stockton, California. As a former teacher, Melissa has a love for early childhood education and children's literature. She now resides in Carmel, California, with her husband and is a full-time mother to her two children, Jake and Reagan.

This is a well-organized and thoughtful story, with deep development of the relationship between Reagan and Bun Bun and a dramatic climax that will engage children and adults alike. Bun Bun's sassy personality is refreshing in a children's book, while still remaining respectful and loving. Confessions of a Bunny is a story that children will want read to them over and over again, and parents will be happy to oblige.


Bun's voice is well-defined and charming. Her sense of humor and mild cantankerousness will amuse adults as well as children. Bun Bun's fear of being lost reveals the book's heart, showing Bun Bun's love for the little girl who drags her around by her ears. Confessions of a Bunny is a funny and relatable read-aloud--one destined to charm all "stuffies" and their people.


A sweet children's tale of the misadventures of a beloved toy with a comforting, happy ending.


Jackson's writing style is appealing to youngsters- Winnie the Pooh stories and Charlotte's Web come to mind as widely acclaimed favorites. Their attraction to children provides a fantastical outlet into the imaginary realm of creatures (whether inanimate or real). In the case of Bun Bun, the personification of a beloved stuffed animal is very powerful not only to a child's world of make-believe but also to their psychological well-being as they are building social and communicative skills. Jackson's use of this literary element coupled with lightly worded text produces a story with broad reader appeal, reaching out to non-readers (pre-kindergarteners) as well as burgeoning ones (first to third graders).
Confessions of a Bunny has the potential of becoming a new childhood favorite.

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