Stepfamily Courtship
Stepfamily Courtship
How to Make Three Right ReMarriage Choices
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What´s Different about This Book?

        This modular reference book and series for co-parents and human-service professionals is unique in the genre of stepfamily media for seven reasons. It is the only current resource that...

  • Is based on (a) 30 years´ clinical research, including over 17,000 hours´ consultation with over 1,000 typical divorced and stepfamily adults and some of their kids; (b) five widespread re/marital hazards, and (c) 12  Projects to neutralize the hazards. This volume...

  • Integrates six core concepts:

    #  proven family-systems principles; and...

    #  an inner-family concept of human personalities, linked to...

    #  a definition of high-nurturance families;

    #  a framework of seven effective-thinking and communication skills,

    #  healthy three-level grieving and healing blocked grief; and...

    #  a framework of stepfamily realities, meanings, and merger-adjustment tasks.

A fifth uniqueness is that the book...

  • Provides Internet addresses to over 150 experience-based stepfamily articles, worksheets, and other resources to augment its contents. This is one of several guidebooks for a free, 8-module self-study course for people interested in healing and self-growth. Lesson 7 focuses on evolving high-nurturance stepfamilies.

    And this book is different because of...

  • My personality, writing style, training (BSME and MSW), and 72 years´ life experience (engineering, business, teaching, and 30 years´ practice of psychotherapy with hundreds of stepfamily clients). My learnings from personal "ACoA" recovery (from a low-nurturance childhood) since 1986 greatly influence this site and series of stress-prevention guidebooks. And...

  • I have many years of personal experience as a stepgrandson, adult stepson, stepfather of two girls, and stepbrother of four - and an admirer of two haughty stepcats.

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Peter has spent over 17,000 hours in clinical, phone, and classroom consultation with members of 1,000 typical Midwestern divorced families and stepfamilies since 1981. He is an invited member of the Stepfamily Association of America Board of Directors.

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