How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business
How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business
Low Start Up Cost, Fast Growing and Profitable
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you getting tired of living payday to payday? Perhaps you are just looking for a change. Well, I say yes, it is time for a change.
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Sharron Jones was born and raised in Washington, DC, where she attended D.C. Public Schools and later George Washington University, under its Paralegal Studies Program. She was raised by a single parent, her mom Ada Jones, who had nine kids to raise. Her mom has always instilled cleanliness in Sharron and her siblings. By the time they were ten years old, Sharron and her siblings were all given daily chores. Cleaning was something that she never thought she would grow up to do as an adult. She had always wanted to teach, and was a teacher's aide at Stuart-Hobson Middle School. She later on worked in the Library/Media Center teaching WordPerfect to students. She always had an interest in learning and never thought that she would become an owner of a cleaning company. Sharron has three children; her eldest son now owns a janitorial company, whereas her daughter owns a maid service business. Sharron was encouraged by her son to start her own cleaning business, owing to past experience cleaning office space after work. Her family was raised to clean and to take pride in whatever they did, and never to let anyone discourage them in what they wanted to do in life. Sharron's mom always said, NOTHING BEATS A FAILURE, BUT A TRY! So she tried the cleaning business and gained success. Sharron wants to share her experience with others, so they too may become successful business owners.

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