Let's Talk About . . .
Let's Talk About . . .
Book 1
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This series of books was written for children from preschool to ten years of age. They are to be used by parents, teachers, and adults to encourage discussions with little ones about real life at a level that they can understand. They were also written to give praise and show appreciation to our wonderful Creator and to teach ethics and right behavior from infancy to adulthood. All praise to our Heavenly Father Jehovah.
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I am Chidimma Maynard, a full time single mom. Creator of the Grace High Associative Learning Pre-School and founder of the first ever, kids club in Tobago. Bounzy Children's Club. I have been in the pre-school atmosphere for the past five years, and do enjoy teaching the young ones. Seeing them graduate, knowing that they have accomplished brings me great joy. In the past I have worked in different fields, included there in are Nursing, where I had the opportunity to work in different hospitals in Trinidad and Tobago. Tourism where I enjoyed working as a front desk operator and as a waitress at different hotels in Tobago. I like meeting people, reading, writing and exploring the outdoors, especially hiking. Presently I am learning to play the keyboard and would like to excel. Hoping that one day i would be able to teach the little students. Motivational Speaking is also one of my dreams as I have a natural ability to make others comfortable while listening to my ides on different topics.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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