The Persistence of Memory
The Persistence of Memory
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The Persistence of Memory blends autobiographical elements of the author and his family with fiction and fantasy. The borders between these elements are deliberately blurred. In its willful blending of reality and fantasy, the author hopes the book to represent a special genre-autobiographical fantasy. The stories move between the days of the Second World War, before the author's birth, and through the entirety of his life until 2016. It is his first attempt at a nonscientific and literary work.
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Oded Regev was born in Poland in 1946 to Jews who survived the Holocaust. In 1958, his family immigrated to Israel, where he served in the army-participating in the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur War, and the first Lebanese conflict. He finished his military service as a major in the Israeli army reserves. He subsequently earned a PhD in physics from Tel Aviv University specializing in astrophysics. After spending three years in the United States, he returned to the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology as a faculty member. He has published five professional books as well as numerous scientific articles on astrophysics, physics, and fluid dynamics. He currently lives in the United States and is a professor emeritus of Technion.

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